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The Benefits of Remote Working

The global workforce is changing at an unprecedented pace. As an employee, your preferences are no longer restricted to your commute. You don’t have to leave your homestead and embark on a life-changing move just to get the job of your dreams. As an employer, your options are no longer limited by your locality. That’s all thanks to the onset of the digital age, which has created a wealth of opportunities for remote workers—skilled men…

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Hiring Remote – An Unfair Advantage?

It’s no surprise that online connectivity opens up new avenues for hiring and contracting workers. Still, business owners must consider if the potential savings are worth the risk. Can you really trust someone on the other side of the country to deliver quality work on time? How about someone in another continent? Hiring remote actually offers companies so many benefits that it almost seems, well, unfair. Let’s find out why. Simple Math If we analyze…

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