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The 2021 Remote Influencer Report

Introducing the 2021 Remote Influencer Report

Today, we published The 2021 Remote Influencer Report. This is not a simple collection of remote work advocates on social media: this is an all-new approach to categorizing and capturing the impact of the biggest players in remote work today, both on the front lines and behind the scenes.

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Remote for Startups

Introducing special pricing for startups

Remote is committed to making global employment accessible to businesses of all sizes. Today, we are pleased to announce Remote for Startups: a new, more affordable pricing plan to help growing companies employ and pay their global teams.

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Remote in review 2020

2020 was a very special year — not just for Remote, but for me as well. Still, it is difficult to reflect on our work this year without feeling like I’m discussing a sketch of our larger vision.

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Remote announces expansion into new countries, regions

This week, the world of remote work got a little bigger. Remote is delighted to announce that we have added several new countries to our growing global network. In addition to our existing lineup, we now offer support for full-time and part-time remote workers and teams in the following regions.

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Home office with two desks and a cabinet

How I built my home office for maximum productivity

At the Running Remote online conference last week, I spoke about the exciting growth of our industry and the opportunities we have to be a force for good in the world. We talked about how Remote is helping to create more remote jobs and how remote work arrangements help companies discover new talent from other countries. During every panel and call, though, I kept getting the same question: "Why does your video look so good?"

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We’re making our pricing (and global employment) even more accessible

Remote's mission is to remove any obstacles between companies and the best talent, wherever they may have chosen to live. We do that by acting as an employer of record (EOR) or as a professional employment organization (PEO), taking care of payroll, benefits and compliance in every country in the world, so companies can focus on what matters most — their people. Today, we're simplifying our pricing model and reducing our fees so that global employment can be accessible to even more organizations.

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$11 million seed round announcement with investor names

Remote announces $11 million in seed funding

Today is a special day for the Remote team. We’re announcing an $11 million seed round led by Two Sigma Ventures, with participation from Index Ventures, General Catalyst, Liquid2, INKEF Ventures, Remote First Capital, and Sid Sijbrandij (CEO GitLab) and Jobert (Co-founder HackerOne) and Kirsten Abma . The financing will be used to expand Remote’s onboarding platform and extend coverage to forty new markets by the end of 2020, including Canada, Germany, the United States, and France.

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Launching Employ by Remote

Today we're launching Employ, our global employment, payroll, benefit, compliance, and everything you need to employ people across the world product. We have been working on this for almost a year, and are finally able to offer our service in the first two countries (The Netherlands and United Kingdom) with many more following shortly.

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Bonding remotely: Question of the day

At Remote we have a 30-minute daily team call. It consists of two parts: a short agenda, and some time to bond. In the first months we'd just discuss whatever came to mind. That worked OK, but lead to certain people speaking more than others. To get to know each other a bit better, and in different ways, we introduced the question of the day.

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Solving global employment through Remote

Remote is working to solve global employment by allowing companies to employ people locally through our platform. We envision an interconnected world in which businesses and talent can work together no matter where they live, and we're excited to share that journey with you.

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man in red shirt putting together a line and bar graph

New logo survey outcomes

We're working on rebuilding and rebranding Recently, we sent out a survey with some initial design directions. This morning, we discussed the outcomes and our plans.

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a man with an idea and a woman working in Adobe Xd

The tools we're using to build the new

Fundamental to great teams working quickly is great communication. Tools are just a way to make that easier or possible, not a solution for a poorly communicating or slow team. At Remote, we try to avoid adopting too many tools. These are the few tools we can't live without.

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Why we’re rewriting

In the world of programming, a rewrite is often seen as a very bad thing. It is very easy to underestimate the complexity of an existing application, and to overestimate your ability to delivery quickly. Yet here we are, rewriting Why?

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