Global Payroll and Benefits

Information and best practices regarding international payroll and employee benefits.

When should you convert a contractor to an employee?

While contractor designations may be appropriate for some business relationships, companies cannot simply pay people as contractors because it’s easier. Contractors and employees fulfill different roles and have distinct legal definitions. Converting a contractor to an employee can protect the employer from penalties, provide a better experience for the employee, and make it simpler for both parties to collaborate.

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Affordable perks small businesses can offer remote teams

Salary isn’t everything. Smart companies attract and retain top talent by offering competitive benefits packages with perks and programs that help employees live their best lives. While small businesses with remote teams can’t compete with the resources of giants like Google, they can still create desirable offerings.

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Questions to ask before you outsource payroll

Outsourcing payroll can make sense for companies with as few as two employees and as many as tens of thousands, but making the switch doesn’t happen automatically. To make a smooth transition — and protect your business and your employees in the process — you should first understand the reality of your financial situation.

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How to manage an unlimited PTO policy

Your employees need time off to function well on the clock and to live their best lives as humans off the clock. Unlimited PTO can help create that reality, but to make it work, you must proactively build a culture that champions a healthy work-life balance.

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Should your small business outsource payroll?

Managing payroll well can be challenging, even for experienced professionals. Add in remote work and a global team, and payroll evolves from hard to nightmarish. How do you know when to invest more resources into in-house payroll and when to go with outsourced payroll instead?

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Where do remote employees pay taxes?

While taxes for remote workers are usually not more complicated than those for traditional office workers, most educational resources on taxation cater to people in traditional environments. People who work from home (or nomadically) don’t always have access to the information they need. If you work remotely or have employees who do, this guide can help you stay compliant no matter where you call HQ.

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