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AngelList Talent and Remote combine to supercharge your hiring flow

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Jun 7, 2022


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The changes to our world of work are here to stay. So many people across the globe who used to commute to offices have transitioned to working from home, from the road, and from new locations all over the world. 

While employees have welcomed the increased flexibility and life-work balance afforded by working remotely, forward-thinking organizations have pivoted to take advantage of the chance to hire internationally and exponentially increase the size of their talent pool.

More than 53% of companies have shifted their growth strategy to focus on remote international talent, according to McKinsey & Company, and that figure will only grow as more companies recognize the immense potential of an international workforce.

Now, imagine a world where you can easily source, hire, pay, and manage employees in more than 60 countries with just one click? 

Enter, AngelList Talent, Remote’s new API Partner, to turn this dream into a reality. AngelList Talent and Remote’s smart and easy-to-use integration lets you sign up for Remote’s services and sync new hires from AngelList Talent’s platform into Remote. That means rapid, compliant onboarding with that one simple click.

Unlock a new world of talent

AngelList Talent helps companies find and hire startup-ready candidates from across the globe. With more than 8 million job seekers on their platform, AngelList Talent provides unique details about each candidate to help startups find the right fit for their company. Startups can post a job, source new candidates, and track their interview pipeline all in one place, and all for free.  

Companies using AngelList Talent and Remote can now not only find the best candidates on the platform, but also hire them, all in one spot. With this new integration, customers will win back admin time, eliminate duplicate data entry, and start their international employee onboarding in minutes.

“Hiring leaders and HR teams are in a race to modernize how they source and onboard new team members,” said Aashrai Srikar, Product Lead at AngelList Talent. “Closed systems can be a barrier to our customers being able to scale their teams quickly. Our new integration with Remote will not only enable more of our customers to expand the talent pool they can hire from, it will also help them move faster by allowing them to recruit and onboard employees in one seamless flow.”

How AngelList Talent and Remote’s new integration works: 

  • Sign up in seconds
    Ready to make that hire now, but you don't own a legal entity in the candidate’s home country? Remote’s employer of record (EOR) services make hiring, onboarding, and paying international employees simple. We ensure compliance with local employment legislation so you can focus on your business. You can sign up with Remote directly from your AngelList Talent account and start hiring new team members immediately!
  • Kick off onboarding and eliminate rework
    Move fast by sending new hire information straight to Remote’s platform and kick off the onboarding process without mistakes or duplication of manual work.
  • Keep track of progress in one place
    Never miss an important onboarding milestone. See the status of your new hire’s onboarding directly from the AngelList Talent platform.

AngelList Platform Create Contract with Remote Screen

Ready to get started now? Sign up or sign in to your AngelList Talent Account.

Signing up is free and gives you access to all the basic features, including the integration with Remote. Then sync your Remote account directly within AngelList Talent (or if you aren't already a Remote customer, sign up for our employer of record (EOR) services directly through your AngelList Talent account). It's that simple!

How to continue to integrate your HR tech stack

Subscribe to our blog and stay tuned for more updates on all the helpful new features being built by our API partners and learn how to simplify your global hiring processes. 

Remember, if you want to create bespoke reports and build custom workflows to maximize efficiencies, we've got you covered. At Remote we are in the process of building endpoints especially for Remote customers to take advantage of custom connections that we have developed in-house. We can help you eliminate duplicate data entry and cleanly present all of your people and payroll data, exactly where you need it. Join our waitlist to be the first to have the news when it’s ready!

Calling all leading software platforms in the HR space

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