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Remote and Gusto launch global employment and compliance partnership for U.S. companies

Jun 27, 2023
Job van der Voort


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Remote work was the beginning. Distributed work is the present — and the future — for businesses looking to hire the best people. Today, Remote and Gusto are establishing a new partnership to help SMBs in the United States access global talent through all-in-one, simplified international payroll.

Why are Remote and Gusto becoming partners?

The numbers don’t lie. Global research shows that companies are investing in distributed work not only for short-term cost benefits but for long-term strategic advantages. Business owners and leaders are finding again and again that their teams (and bottom lines) benefit when they look beyond their own borders.

Employee retention, productivity, engagement, applicant quality — all better for distributed teams than in-office teams or remote teams with employees in just one country.

Remote is the leader in helping companies hire globally with a local feel. We have local, in-house experts on the ground in every country where we operate to help our customers and their teams navigate regulatory, payroll, benefits, and taxation challenges. 

Enter Gusto, the leader in U.S. payroll and HR. With Gusto’s powerful platform, business owners and HR managers can automate manual tasks, stay compliant, and provide an exceptional experience for companies and their teams. Together, Remote and Gusto are launching Gusto Global powered by Remote, which will allow customers to pay employees all around the world, quickly and compliantly. 

How does the partnership with Remote and Gusto work?

With Gusto Global powered by Remote, Gusto customers in the U.S. can now effortlessly hire, manage, and pay international talent using the power of Remote from within the Gusto platform. For SMBs, this pairing makes it easier than ever to manage payroll for a global workforce. You can onboard, pay, and manage remote workers in other countries as reliably as you do people who live in the city where your company is based.

Together, Remote and Gusto encourage global expansion the right way, with expert guidance and localized support in each country. No outside vendors or unknown intermediaries — just two great companies built on a foundation of trust. Using Remote’s API, this new comprehensive solution with Remote and Gusto delivers unparalleled local compliance, exceptional service, and seamless product experiences that enable businesses to scale their global teams with confidence.

Gusto Global is starting in beta in Canada now and will be available in additional countries in the weeks ahead. Remote operates in 80+ countries around the world. Sign up for the waitlist today!

What can you do with Remote and Gusto together?

From global payments to streamlined HR tools, see how this partnership works in action:

Manage and pay your global team in one place.

Through Gusto Global powered by Remote, businesses using Gusto can soon run payroll across multiple countries right within the Gusto platform using Remote’s global infrastructure, regardless of whether those team members are full-time or part-time employees. Everything stays in one place, which makes it easier than ever to manage a global workforce.

Access tools designed for busy teams

Businesses using Gusto can soon access a suite of features to provide support for employees no matter where they live. Those features include:

  • Time off tracking: Business owners or admins can review and approve employee PTO requests, as well as view balances for remaining time off.

  • Expense management: Need to reimburse employees for expenses they incur? No problem — expense reimbursement happens within Gusto’s payroll system, guaranteeing accurate amounts and on-time delivery.

  • Reporting: Easy access and clear visibility into team data is always just a click away. Business owners or admins can see all team members, international employees included, and review global payroll runs in Gusto. They can even check individual pay stubs to make sure everything looks good.

  • Org charts: Visualize the structure of the team and departments with Gusto’s user-friendly org chart features. One system of record keeps things simple, and employees can access the chart to gain a better understanding of how the business operates.

  • Customizable onboarding checklists: New employees may need some training, but with Gusto and Remote, HR onboarding won’t get in the way. Gusto’s platform automatically includes required tasks, like banking information, but business owners and admins can customize their own processes to meet their needs 

Take care of international employees with health insurance and retirement benefits

Gusto customers will soon be able to give their international teams peace of mind by providing health insurance options like medical, dental, and vision benefits administration. They can also help employees take care of their financial health by offering retirement benefits to help them plan for their futures. 

Stay compliant no matter where you hire

No one knows global compliance at the local level like Remote. Gusto customers can now access Remote’s robust platform features and global network of HR, legal, tax, and employment experts. Team members can move from one country to another, managers can onboard employees across any time zone, and everything happens in complete compliance with local regulations. If things get confusing, Remote’s on-the-ground local experts are always there to help.

Protect your intellectual property

International employment laws can be tricky, but international intellectual property laws might be even more complex. Luckily, Gusto customers also get access to Remote IP Guard — the strongest protection in the industry for intellectual property and invention rights. Remote’s ironclad two-step process provides maximum security for your intellectual property, eliminating potential dangers of third-party IP exposure and safeguarding your company’s future.

What’s next for Remote and Gusto?

With the launch of Gusto Global powered by Remote, businesses using Gusto can now access a comprehensive, reliable, and outstanding global employment experience for their teams. But there’s much more on the horizon.

In time, Gusto customers will also be able to access even more features, including HR tools like goal tracking, employee pulse surveys, and performance management. They will also be able to access additional Remote benefits, like retirement and health insurance, as well as international equity management and tax withholding through the integration.

This is a vital next step, because as current Remote customers can verify, Remote’s global equity management services are unmatched. For many businesses, equity is a critical form of compensation. While other payroll providers claim to offer this, they can’t do so compliantly — but through Gusto Global powered by Remote, customers will be able to offer compliant equity services to team members around the world. 

All of us at Remote and Gusto are excited to work together to build a more equitable, more compliant, and more sustainable future for global employment. We can’t wait to help you grow your distributed team together!

Learn more about what this partnership means and how you can get more information.