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Travel, Technology, Urban Logistics • Remote-first


Bounce’s vision is to build a layer of infrastructure over urban areas that enable seamless pickup and dropoff of “things.” Ultimately, “cloud computing for the physical world.” The first piece of this has been getting storage locations all over dense urban areas and allowing people to store things there - it’s been very popular with travelers leaving luggage and commuters stashing a gym bag, work bag, etc. This is our core product and what will drive most of our revenue in the short term. Additionally, we’ll be building the next layer up of the platform - think delivery, further utilization of spaces, etc. There’s a ton more to dive into on what all this means.


Travel, Technology, Urban Logistics


San Francisco, California, US, North America

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1-10 employees




  • Bounce

    Head of Engineering for funded startup with team of 3 engineers

    Remote first, Anywhere

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    4 months ago

How we ensure that remote work is successful

We are a small enough team that it is easy to manage. Everyone on the team feels connected to the Mission and to the rest of the team while still having the flexibility to get their work done how they best see fit.


One or more offices, but no one is expected to appear in the office.

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