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Phaidra, Inc.

Phaidra, Inc.

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We use artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize the performance of large industrial systems where safety and uptime are paramount. Phaidra’s mission is to enable industry practitioners (i.e. the domain experts) to develop their own AI solutions. We believe that AI is a powerful technology with countless applications. However, it is also an exclusive technology — the benefits of AI are currently locked to the few companies with the resources and AI / software expertise to commercialize it. We seek to broaden access to AI by creating no-code software that hides the complexity of applying AI from the domain experts. We focus on the industrial sector (e.x. manufacturing, logistics, energy, etc.) because it is data-rich with abundant AI applications and room for optimization. It is also an area that our founding team is deeply familiar with, having reduced Google's data center cooling energy consumption by 40% while working at DeepMind.





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1-10 employees




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How we ensure that remote work is successful

Our company is thoughtful about remote collaboration. We look to the pioneers - like Gitlab - for inspiration and best practices to create a stellar remote work environment. We have a documentation first culture and actively practice asynchronous communication in everything we do. We are deliberate about documenting and living our values - of which accessibility, transparency, and agility are key. Our team stays connected through tools like Slack and Video Chat. We meet daily and have dedicated all-hands meetings to build strong relationships. We hold virtual team building events - and even hold virtual socials to watch rocket launches! We will have in-person All-Hands meetings twice a year once travel opens back up too.


No offices, everyone works remotely.

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