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Wabi & Sabi, Inc., Brand Architects

Wabi & Sabi, Inc., Brand Architects

Participatory Strategic Planning | Innovation Architecture • Remote-first


hello, i am wabi & sabi. an innovation architecture & strategy consultancy. i build bold, efficient, humancentric experiences. i am small, flexible, bold and effective ―with a rather big personality. i am dedicated to architecting meaningful dialogues and transformative social innovation solutions that resonate and inspire action at the speed of culture. research, synthesis, collective intelligence and innovation are at my core. my most precious capital is intuition and people. creative problem solving and measurable results are in my DNA ―while devising ideas, inspiring, and building for a living are my sole purposes. i believe that design and communication are powerful, exciting, and important. for me part of creating, is rejecting the ordinary, the tried, and the safe. i am obsessed with the quality found in details. my medium is everything, and if the medium does not exist, i invent it. my approach is hands-on, immersive, and sometimes unconventional, but then again so is my work. i often break stylistic rules and cross the boundaries of traditional branding and marketing. my process is agile, adaptive, and focused on managing complexity efficiently, by asking the right whys, while understanding the underlying values hidden behind human needs. my goal is to foster and promote lasting emotional connections that empower at every touch point. driven by my passion to help businesses and organizations transform from for profit to for "massive transformative purpose", i unite them with the right tools, resources and partners, ―helping them discover their voice and tribe in the process. in doing this, i turn their vision into sustained profitable growth, systemic social innovation and impact. i split my time between my two homes, the US and Greece, working only on projects i believe in. over the past 15+ years i have been developing tailored branding solutions, comprehensive cross-platform strategies and integrated placement, growth, communications, and fundraising programs for brands and organizations of all shapes and sizes. my clients range from individuals, startups, and SMEs to municipalities and fortune 500 companies in need of reinventing themselves ―including Ralph Lauren, NBC, the Travel Channel, SONY, IBM, MTV, VH1, Shiseido, Sara Lee, DOVE, Tag Heuer, Curtiss Wright, Dolphin Capital Investors, GEK/TERNA, EKKAF, and Friends & Patrons of the SNFCC among many others. In 2016 the National Library of Greece awarded my team and i through a closed competition, the complex task of helping the institution prepare for its historical transition to its new home at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center in Athens. designed by renowned architect Renzo Piano, the SNFCC is the first public-private partnership of its kind in Greece and the largest cultural/ educational project ever undertaken in the country. i have been working closely with the NLG ever since on multiple levels, to restructure the organization, re-imagine its role in society, and develop its new identity, services, programming and outreach strategy. my tools of choice ―interdisciplinary participatory processes with an emphasis on systems thinking, interaction and service design. i insist that lifelong learning, engagement and interactivity are key, that optimism is vital, and that authenticity and collaboration are everything. for me, ‘brands are people and people are brands, so designing for them must be intuitive, of a kind, imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete’. now tell me ―how can i help you discover your voice and purpose? get in touch at [email protected] to explore a collaboration!


Participatory Strategic Planning | Innovation Architecture


New York City, New York, US, North America

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1-10 employees




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How we ensure that remote work is successful

Regular video calls with creative team and project manager. Also, in-person meetings (with global travel capacity) if required by the project and permitted by the client's budget.


One or more offices, but no one is expected to appear in the office.

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