The 2021 Remote
Influencer Report

Get a curated package of remote work leaders that you should be following for the best insights, learnings, and expert advice on growing a global team.

Who are 2021’s biggest remote work influencers?

Companies are still navigating the transformation and asking big questions. How do you make sure a remote workforce is productive? How can you replicate your company culture remotely? What’s the secret to communicating effectively as a team? At the same time, employees are looking to the top companies and thought leaders to find remote jobs and follow their dreams of living where they choose.

To answer these questions, we have developed this new report to highlight the top minds in remote work and global employment today.

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Bringing you the top voices in remote work

As an HR tech company helping businesses of all sizes employ global teams, Remote knows what it takes. We have pulled together the definitive list of remote work influencers and evangelists to help companies and individuals discover the best advice, find the best jobs, and get remote work inspiration to grow their businesses.

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Our methodology

We curated a list of the top remote work experts by evaluating more than 300 people to create our top 75 list of the best minds in remote work today.

The people on this list come from varied backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common — they are passionate evangelists for the benefits of remote work and global teams. After evaluating the data, we categorized our list into three types of influencers: Remote Innovators, Remote Enablers, and Remote Accelerators. From each of these three categories, we have identified the 25 influencers making the strongest impact and catalogued them in this report.

These people have all inspired us here at Remote, and we know they can help you transform your workplace to reach your remote work goals.

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