Webinar: How to hire in countries without your own entity


Hiring internationally can be an accessible, affordable way to bring great new talent to your team. But how do you do it in countries where you don't own an entity?

Employer of record and contractor management services allow you to work with international talent without the hassle of opening new entities in every country where you hire. In this online event, experts from Remote will explain how the employer of record model works; how to make the most of working with international contractors; and how to leverage Remote's global employment services to grow your global team.

What will you learn?

  1. How to hire in multiple countries without opening entities
  2. What employer of record services provide
  3. How to stay compliant with employment laws in multiple places
  4. How to manage contractors in multiple locations
  5. Tips for using Remote to manage and pay a global workforce
  6. Plus a live Q&A session at the end!

Access the recording

Your expert speakers

Watch our panellists for a discussion and Q&A as they share practical insights, guidance and more in this one hour webinar.

Preston Wickersham

Senior Content Marketing Manager at Remote

Preston is the Senior Content Marketing Manager at Remote, where he leads the development of knowledge materials on global employment, international labor laws, and remote work insights. A native Texan, Preston has been a champion of remote work since 2014. Follow Preston on Twitter @PrestonWick.

Filipa Matos

VP of Special Operations at Remote

Filipa is the VP of Special Operations at Remote, the company making global employment accessible for businesses of all sizes. With a background in law and HR/People Operations, she brings a dynamic and passionate approach to the oversight of the Global Operations, International Expansion, and Customer Experience teams. Her prior roles include Head of People at Circ and People Operations Manager at Unbabel. She is a jazz enthusiast and plays the bass in her spare time.

Quentin Vassas

VP of Payroll and Benefits at Remote

Quentin is the VP of payroll and benefits at Remote, where he is using his creative vision and management skills to enhance payroll and benefits operations at Remote. He is exceptionally passionate about operational excellence, process efficiency and the development of new payroll and benefits offers for Remote. He comes from Checkout.com, where he helped the operations department to grow and scale.