Webinar: Remote for Refugees


Remote's mission is to open the vast potential of every person, business, and country, building a world where we can all thrive. We are passionately working to make dignified employment available to all refugees and we'd love for you to join us to learn about the opportunities global businesses have to employ talented displaced individuals.

Remote's VP of Special Operations, Filipa Matos, and Senior Product Marketing Manager, Peter Maher, are joined on our expert panel by Lorraine Charles, the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Na'amal, which partners with leading organizations to support refugees and other underrepresented communities to find remote work. The panel will share practical insights to help employers and hiring managers understand how to connect with specialist talent sourcing agencies, recruiting firms, and remote work placement partners that make it easy for you to find highly skilled professionals.

What will you learn?

  1. Practical insights to help employers and hiring managers find forcibly displaced talent
  2. Benefits of hiring forcibly displaced talent for the employee and the employer
  3. Practical guidance on how to overcome challenges when hiring refugee talent
  4. The state of refugee work rights around the world and the advocacy movement for right-to-remote-work
  5. Announcement about a new platform to help employers find vetted refugee talent

Watch now

Your Super Speakers

Watch our panellists for a discussion and Q&A as they share practical insights, guidance and more in this one hour webinar.

Filipa Matos

VP of Special Operations

Filipa is the VP of Special Ops at Remote, where she is using her long-term vision and strategic and operational prowess to ensure Remote is competitive in the future of work. With a background in law, People and Operations, she has brought a dynamic and passionate approach to the oversight and scaling of the Special Ops, People, Operations and Expansion departments at Remote. Her prior roles include Head of People at Bird Iberia (former Circ) and People Operations Manager at Unbabel.

Lorraine Charles

Co-Founder and Executive Director - Na’amal

Lorraine is a social entrepreneur and a researcher. She is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of Na'amal, which links forcibly displaced people with remote work opportunities. She is a Research Associate for the Centre for Business Research, University of Cambridge. She is also a member of the MIT ReACT Advisory Committee and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) Technical Advisory Committee for ReBuild, their East Africa livelihood programme.

Peter Maher

Senior Special Operations Manager

Peter is a senior manager at Remote sharing time between Special Operations and Growth teams ideating and activating strategic, social impact projects. He is also a Fellow in the Edmund Hillary Fellowship in New Zealand, a group of social impact entrepreneurs and investors, with a particular focus on creating a more equitable and sustainable future of work for all. Previously, Peter was a founder and managing director of a hospitality business in the UK.