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Remote makes running global teams simple. HRIS, payroll, international employment, and contractor management, and more – all in one Global HR Platform.

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Whether you work with 1 team member or 1,000, you can bring the whole team together, and simplify your HR stack with Remote.

How do you say Payroll in XThai?Portuguese?French?German?


Pay your global workforce on time - in their local currencies. Pay international contractors, your own employees, or international employees hired through our EOR entities. We’ll keep you and your team compliant with ever-changing taxes and regulations.

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  • Alexandru Sandu

  • Onur Kasaba

  • Erik Sveen

“We wanted to start fresh and offer our employees a better experience. We aligned best with Remote in respect to the support we were given and the fast turnaround: in just a few weeks our entire Romania workforce was all set up and ready to go, with India following a few months later.”
“The Remote team works like magic: they are hands-on, proactive and we are always connected with the right people to get the solutions we need very quickly.”
“We work with 460+ contractors. I’d need to employ 5 or 6 people full time to keep on top of compliance, manage individual invoices, work with accountancy firms and make payments in multiple currencies. Remote has definitely been a timesaver and a money saver for us.”

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