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Retention Reinvented: Enabling Managers to Drive Employee Engagement in the Modern Workplace

Remote Connect 2023 - EP. 18

Retention has never been more critical than in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Organizations across industries face high turnover rates and the pressing question of why employees are leaving. It's time to reinvent our approach to employee retention, and it starts with equipping managers to become the driving force behind employee engagement. Join Jenny Podewils as she delves deep into the current landscape of employee attrition and unveils actionable strategies for improvement.

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Remote Connect 2023 - EP. 19

Global Equity Talk

Granting equity to international team members is complex, and most startups and scale-ups only discover the operational challenges, extended timelines, and costs of involving local law firms when they’re going through the process. The complexity can further escalate when you also work with EoRs and contractors in addition to direct employees in your home country. Tax implications for your company or team members can be big if you get it wrong, and fines for compliance breaches can be severe.


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Remote Connect 2023

Access all the insights, education, and engaging discussions on-demand at your convenience.


Beyond Borders

Regardless of which country you’re hiring from, you’ll find essential guidance on the best strategies to hire and retain global talent. In these sessions, we offer our top advice to get you up and running in hiring remote. You’ll leave with the foundation you need to begin hiring your remote workforce, or to optimize your current strategy.


Money Matters

Get sage advice from seasoned finance leaders who've seen it all. They'll give their two cents on scaling a finance team in hyper-growth mode, ensuring compliance and pre-empting financial crime, the dos (and dont's) of crypto payments, and more!


Community Voices

Together, we'll tackle questions concerning all things remote work: from the personal, like how to maintain motivation as a remote worker, to the organizational, like how to hire refugee talent. We'll get the latest insights from industry change makers who are helping reimagine the future of work. Sign up for Remote’s community waitlist where you will be first to access the world’s only community of its kind, built for remote professionals around the globe.


Expand globally, comply locally

Remote working has layers of legal complexities never before considered in human history. We’ll lay down the groundwork of what to consider when tackling topics like offboarding employees, contractor misclassification, global stock options, data protection, and non-competes.


People First

Remote work is made possible only through incredible people. How do we onboard, build culture, and find the very best global candidates in a remote-first world? Industry leaders share best practices, experiences, and advice on how to put people first.


Global Music Sessions

The live music industry has been hit hard by the pandemic. We are thrilled to be able to support musicians by sharing these sessions at Remote Connect. One small thing you can do to support these artists is to like or share their work. In each session we have included links to their social profiles. We hope you love them as much as we do.


Source Code

Join our industry speakers as they share experiences and stories on how teams can stay hyper-connected while solving problems remotely. They’ll cover topics from empowering your remote engineering teams, networking for success, and internationalization and accessibility on a global scale.


Remoter Stories

Great talent is everywhere and Remote is proof that you can build a successful globally distributed company. At Remote, we have over 1,000 employees in over 60 countries. Companies of all sizes can have a Kisumu office, a Wanaka office, a Berlin office, a San Francisco office. Watch our team members as they share what led them down this path and what remote working means to them.


Customer Voices

Leaders from around the world share their stories and experiences as customers of Remote. They share why they and their companies chose Remote, how they have used Remote to find solutions to common challenges and stay compliant, and how they have partnered with Remote to scale their organization successfully.

Remote Connect 2022

Remote Connect 2022: Building Belonging in the New World of Work. Watch back all the insights we gathered from over 60 experts on building belonging in the new world of work, at our very first annual conference

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