Employment Lifecycle Stages

The Remote API allows adding new employees and contractors to a company programmatically. However, it doesn't mean they are ready to start working after the creation operation is successful. There are a few steps between providing all the required information and getting the employment ready to commence.

Below, there is a list of stages the employment can go through. They are possible values for the employment_lifecycle_stage field, present in the Employment resource in the Remote API.

  • employment_creation — the employment will be in this stage while the required fields are not yet filled. Initial data can be submitted once through the create employment endpoint and completed through the update employment endpoint. Once all required information is provided, the stage is changed automatically to employment_self_enrollment.
  • employment_self_enrollment — at this stage, the employee or contractor must log in to the Remote platform and fill out a few forms independently. The form fields vary depending on the country. Some of these pieces of information can be filled in on the employee's behalf via the update employment endpoint. Check the API Specification document for more information.
  • right_to_work_check — at this stage, Remote checks the work eligibility of the employee or contractor for the requested country. After passing the checks, Remote will assist on getting the contract signed by both parties. There's nothing to be done through the Remote API.
  • contract_signing — when self-enrollment (and the right-to-work check, if necessary) is completed by the employee or contractor, this is the stage the employee stays until the company and employment have agreed and signed an Employment Agreement Contract. This requires communication over channels other than the Remote API, and Remote will assist in the process. There's nothing to be done through the Remote API.
  • remote_enrollment — after both parties signed the employment agreement, Remote needs to enroll the employment for the selected benefits, payroll, etc. This is the last step before the employee is ready to commence. Everything is handled by Remote and there is nothing that needs to be done through the Remote API.
  • onboarded — the employment is ready to commence.

The employment_creation is the only stage that requires data to be sent through the API. The other stages will move forward automatically based on the events that happen in the Remote Platform or taken by any party — company, employment, or Remote.