Hiring Contractors and Avoiding Misclassification Risks

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During this customer roundtable, you will hear from two experts at Remote as they share best practices for hiring contractors and the accompanying employment misclassification risks and penalties you should know about.

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Hear from two contractor experts at Remote!

Manasa Manogaran

Manasa Manogaran

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Manasa is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Remote. Based out of India, she is a huge remote work fan and cannot recommend it enough! She is passionate about product marketing and enjoys decoding customer and buyer journeys.

Matthew Kufta

Matthew Kufta

Customer Solutions Consultant - Americas

Matt is a Customer Solutions Consultant at Remote, advising clients on a wide range of international human resource topics from contractor misclassification to global equity incentives. Matt is passionate about finding creative solutions to the most challenging international human capital issues facing Remote’s clients.