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Web Development, IT and Cybersecurity, Mobile Performance • Remote-first


Bejamas is an organization focused on introducing faster & more secure web to its customers. We are a team of passionate, location independent web developers and smart marketers who share the vision of websites that are high-performing, safe, and easy to maintain. We make this vision happening by building serverless Progressive Web Apps and blazing-fast websites on the JAMstack architecture. Promoting independent thinking among all of our members is at the core of every operation we're making as a team. Everyone in our team works remotely from the beginning of his adventure with our company. We give free hand in setting up own schedules, as long as the person has the sense of responsibility for the projects which he leads. As Digital Nomads we believe in the importance of truthness and radical open-mindedness in our relationships. Not only in our team but also with our clients. The truth and willingness to achieve the best outcome is valued higher than 'just being right'. Within the organization, we adhere to such values as: - radical transparency and truthfulness we communicate with each other honestly, even if the truth violates one's ego. We believe that in the long term only through good and honest communication with each other we can generate added value for our clients. - radical openness of mind due to our radical transparencies, the opinion of each person in the team can be undermined by every person in the team, that is why it is so important for us to keep our mind open and treat every feedback with humility; as an opportunity to look at things from another perspective/opportunity to improve your skills. - commitment and sense of responsibility for projects delivering projects is much more important than sitting for 8 hours a day and staring at the screen, which is why the important value of our members is full involvement in the projects that they run. - empathy and unselfishness those are two very important factors at Bejamas. We believe that every person deserves to have meaningful relationships with other people and a pleasant work environment. We try to help each other if someone needs our help and give more than we take ourselves.


Web Development, IT and Cybersecurity, Mobile Performance


Wrocław, Lower Silesia, Poland, Europe

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11-50 employees




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How we ensure that remote work is successful

1. We regularly take trips to different parts of the world and have real fun together in the real world. 2. KPIs and OKRs are set for each management level position. We make sure that everyone knows what the goals are and has a plan for the execution. 3. We like to have a set schedule of cyclical meetings to reevaluate the execution of our previous plan(s) and draft out the next ones.


One or more offices, but no one is expected to appear in the office.

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