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Sean O'Grady, MD

Sean O'Grady, MD


Sean O'Grady, MD is an experienced Family Medicine Specialist with a lifelong career working one-on-one with individuals of all ages facing issues ranging from simple coughs and colds to severe trauma. The educational career of Sean O'Grady, MD began at the University of New Mexico Medical School and evolved to the Mayo Clinic Preliminary Surgery Internship, the University of Minnesota department of Family Practice and Community Health, and the US Army Supervisor Course. Aside from his professional career as a Family Medicine Specialist, Sean O'Grady, MD enjoys pursuing his own interests in exercise and nutrition. Healthy eating is something Sean O'Grady, MD believes is the key to wellness and living a fulfilling and healthy life. Along with his attention to inner work, he is also interested in helping the world round him. Sean O'Grady MD is a Green Initiatives activist who supports recycling and efforts against climate change. When Sean O'Grady isn't busy in his practices of making this world a better place, he enjoys attending car shows and watching his all time favorite Chicago sports teams, the Cubs and Blackhawks.


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