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Remote partners with Greenhouse to simplify global hiring

December 14, 2021


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Remote is today announcing a new integration with Greenhouse, the industry-leading hiring software company. This new partnership will help simplify global employment from end-to-end for both recruiters and HR teams.

Pairing Remote with Greenhouse for better HR

You likely recognize the Greenhouse name as a market leader in Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. But after nearly a decade in the industry, Greenhouse is more than an ATS. They’ve built a comprehensive suite of industry-leading hiring products that companies of all sizes use.

Through this new partnership, we’re bringing together two of the best platforms in HR — Greenhouse for recruiting and hiring, and Remote for global employment, payroll, and benefits — to streamline and accelerate global expansion for companies of all sizes.

“Companies are searching for solutions to manage the new challenges of distributed work,” said Garret Starr, Director of Partnerships at Greenhouse. “Being the first ATS integration partner of Remote provides our customers with access to a unique solution that can optimize hiring from anywhere. And when barriers to hiring globally are reduced, it opens doors for a more diverse talent pool.”

Onboarding made easier

By supercharging Greenhouse with Remote, you can eliminate duplicate data entry and onboarding delays. The integration is purpose-built to manage seamless data sharing with time-saving automation. Basically, Remote + Greenhouse = stress-free onboarding for everyone.

Without automation, onboarding new hires requires manual data entry across multiple platforms, painstaking reviews to ensure accurate employee information, and delays due to human error — all of which can jeopardize a critical hire. Through this new integration, mutual customers can effortlessly connect Remote’s global employment solution with Greenhouse to securely sync and view candidate profile information from both accounts.

As part of the integration, our customers can look forward to:

  • Hiring and onboarding candidates from anywhere in the world, quickly and easily

  • Syncing updates to candidate profiles in Remote directly from Greenhouse’s platform

  • Streamlining data management to cut out duplicate tasks

  • Data security they can trust from two of the top leaders in HR

In short: You’ll get a streamlined process that keeps all employee information accurate and up-to-date. Instead of wasting time on error-prone manual data entry, you can focus on helping new employees and contractors onboard and reach full productivity faster.

Set up in minutes with any skill level

Not a coder? Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the technical side of your software. The setup process only takes a few minutes, and there’s no coding experience required.

Getting started is simple. Current Remote and Greenhouse customers can follow these step-by-step instructions to activate the integration. If you’re a Greenhouse customer but new to Remote, you can learn more about the integration and request a demo with our team here.

Once activated, a new candidate profile imported from Greenhouse is created in Remote. Existing profiles are automatically updated, transferring the candidate’s contact details and other relevant information in just two clicks. This allows recruiters and HR teams to complete the onboarding process without delay or double data entry.

Built for the future of remote work

Remote work is the present and future of better working (and stronger companies) across the globe. The shift toward more flexible work models is a trend that will continue. To take advantage of global talent pools, HR leaders will need smart tools that connect with one another so people leaders can connect the dots on employee data.

We chose Greenhouse as our first ATS integration partner because of their strong commitment to helping companies build, expand, and retain qualified and diverse teams around the world. Together, we are on a mission to make global hiring more efficient. This partnership is a step toward simplifying global employment for more businesses and democratizing access to amazing opportunities for talent all over the world.

Unlock a better global hiring experience

We created Remote to make it easy for companies of all sizes to manage payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance for their international teams. We’re excited to partner with other HR, ATS, and payroll solutions to help more businesses access our global employment solutions and make our vision for a more interconnected world a reality.

To learn more about integrations with Remote or to reach out to our team, visit

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