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Remote Relocation Service Launches

December 14, 2021


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Remote is introducing a new Remote Relocation service, a program to make it easy for your employees to relocate and stay with your company.

Relocating to another country can be complicated and stressful. Not only for the individual, but the team supporting them. There are many steps to complete and trying to find resources for every task is time consuming. Not to mention the complication when reviewing how the move will affect tax situations for both you and your team member. Every detail matters. Our team thoroughly understands employment and has the tax, immigration, and legal expertise to help mitigate risks when employees relocate to new destinations.

We’re starting this service in 5 countries and for the first 50 companies that sign up. If you're keen to learn more, talk with your account representative today. Please also consider completing the survey below and we'll plant some trees.

With you every step of the way

With our in-house team of immigration and tax experts, we can help your employees discover and apply for the best work visa for their situation.

We provide:

  • Initial visa guidance: we help you determine which visa is best for your employee.

  • Visa application support and sponsorship: ready for your employee to move? We’ll help them through the visa application process and depending on their situation, we may even sponsor their visa.

  • Localized immigration and taxation guidance: each country is different, so we’ll help navigate these tricky areas.

  • Moving and relocation services: Coming soon

Where to move

We can provide visa application support and sponsorship for the following countries and will be adding more countries soon.

  • Germany 🇩🇪

  • Netherlands 🇳🇱

  • Portugal 🇵🇹

  • Spain 🇪🇸

  • France 🇫🇷

Discover if one of these countries is in your Best Destinations for Remote Work custom list.

How Remote Relocation can help you

  • Employee retention and attraction. We help you become more competitive in the global employment space by allowing you to open up the world for your current and prospective talent.

  • White glove service. You are not left to your own devices. We proactively guide you through the immigration and tax complexities as your team member moves through the stages. If you have questions, we will have answers.

  • Compliance. We’re meticulous in our approach and ensure you are protected and guided through local laws, country transfer regulations and the nitty gritty of staying compliant in the host and anchor countries. You can confidently allow a relocation and know you are covered.

The cost of relocation

We’re making this service free to start so you can explore visa options for your team members. Each country has different visa application costs, so we’ll help you understand the cost of immigration. Please note we are capping this first phase to 50 companies, so please reach out to your account representative if you’d like to learn more.

Help us make Remote Relocation even better for you

We want to hear from you. How can we make this service stronger and better meet your needs? Bonus: for every response, we will plant 50 trees in our Remote Forest.

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