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Introducing Remote’s Partner and Talent Marketplace

December 1, 2021


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The Remote Marketplace is a brand new one-stop-global-growth-shop.

We know that building a globally distributed team demands a world of help. Remote is committed to simplifying the way you hire, pay, and manage your contractors and employees, but the challenge doesn’t stop there. Many of our customers also face hurdles when it comes to international banking, talent sourcing, equity management, remote teaming productivity, and so much more.

That’s why we built the Remote Marketplace in two sections: the Remote Partner Marketplace and the Remote Talent Marketplace.

This is a high-end boutique of handpicked providers in business categories most challenging for international companies. Our team of global HR experts have carefully curated a selection of the most powerful apps, tools, and service providers to help you supercharge your company’s global growth plans, no matter what you need.

We’ve taken the hard work out of the research for you so you don’t have to waste weeks on vendor vetting. All of our Marketplace partners have been carefully analyzed and validated to ensure they meet Remote’s highest quality standards, so you can confidently browse our collection to find the specific type of support you need.

The Remote Marketplace is broken out into two areas to simplify your search: the Remote Partner Marketplace and the Remote Talent Marketplace. Let’s take a look at each section in more detail.

What is the Remote Partner Marketplace?

The Partner Marketplace is a collection of the most helpful business services and software partners designed to simplify and supercharge your growth. We’ve selected industry-leading partners to help you with some of the most common and significant challenges of growing a global business:

  • Improving your employee experience to attract and retain top class talent

  • Seamlessly connecting all of your HR and business operations system

  • Automating time-consuming manual workstreams

  • Building the foundation for global remote-first collaboration

  • Maximizing productivity for your globally distributed workforce

  • How to use the Remote Partner Marketplace

Use the search filters to narrow down your results to discover exactly what you need. You can browse by category, languages supported, region, industry, and more.

The Remote Partner Marketplace is split out into a shortlist of categories to help you narrow down your search with ease:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

  • Accounting

  • Banking

  • Equity Management

  • Health and Wellness

  • HR Consultants

  • HR Information Service (HRIS)

  • Payroll and Benefits

  • Productivity and Collaboration

  • SaaS Management

Click through any option to view more information about each company and their products, where you will also find the special discounts available to Remote customers. You can even request a demo with partners to speak directly with a salesperson, right from the marketplace.

What is the Remote Talent Marketplace?

The Remote Talent Marketplace pulls together best-in-class international talent sourcing firms, recruiting agencies, job boards, and more to help you discover and hire the best candidates from all corners of the globe.

Sourcing the best global talent is one of the most important challenges for any growth-focused business — and the world’s best talent simply doesn’t just congregate in their nearest urban metropolis. The next generation of global leaders and innovators might work from anywhere.

Instead of confining your search to the Londons, Singapores, New Yorks, and Tokyos of the world, we want to empower you to find the superstars hidden in all pockets of the world. Our team of global HR experts have been working tirelessly to bring you the best talent sourcing firms, recruiting agencies, job boards, executive headhunters, background check platforms, and so much more.

You can use these talent-focused partners to get the jump on your competition to attract and retain a truly global team of the best talent in your industry.

How to use the Remote Talent Marketplace

The Remote Talent Marketplace works much the same way as the Remote Partner Marketplace. You can filter your search by category, candidate type (full-time, contractor, etc.), experience level, skill set, industry, diversity focus, and other options.

Like the Partner Marketplace, the Talent Marketplace is split into a shortlist of categories:

  • Sourcing

  • Recruiting

  • Job Boards

  • HR

  • Tech Providers

  • Executive Headhunting

  • DE&I Coaching

  • Candidate Placement

  • Background Checks

How can your company join the Remote Marketplace?

If you want your company to be featured in either the Remote Partner Marketplace or the Remote Talent Marketplace, we’d love to hear from you. To get things started, visit our Contact page and fill out the form titled "Partner with Remote."

Once you submit your application, one of our partnerships team members will reach out to learn more about your business. We’ll work with you to determine if your company qualifies to be listed on our Remote Marketplace.

Browse the Remote Partner Marketplace and Remote Talent Marketplace now

The Remote Marketplace is 100% free to access. Anyone can take advantage of this specially curated global growth library and start browsing right now.

Remote customers also gain access to exclusive discounts and offers. So when you browse, make sure you also sign up with Remote to fast-track your global growth and score some serious savings.

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