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Remote 2022 Influencer Report shows huge growth of ‘Head of Remote’ roles in HR sector

March 31, 2022


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San Francisco, Ca., March 31, 2022 - Remote, the leader in building, managing and supporting global, distributed workforces has today released its annual report highlighting the most influential people in the world of remote and hybrid work.

The 2022 Remote Influencer Report, which was created as a resource for companies developing their remote and hybrid working practices, as well as for employees who want to pursue a remote career, names 150 of the most impactful global thinkers and leaders in the future of work.

This year’s report reveals a 237% rise in the number of HR positions specifically responsible for remote or distributed teams, with 27 of the 150 influencers (18%) holding positions such as Head of Remote, Head of Dynamic Work or similar, compared with just 4 individuals in 2021.

Remote’s VP of People, Nadia Vatalidis, commented, “This year’s Remote Influencer Report shows how the impact of remote and flexible working has dramatically changed over the last year. Despite this, some companies and individuals are still navigating the transition. Remote’s mission is to democratise the world of work, so we have created this report for the second year running to gather in one place the most inspirational and powerful leaders in this space.”

The 2022 Remote Influencer Report divides influence into three categories to capture the different trends in the evolution of remote work:

  • Innovators - those who advocate for the concept and opportunities of remote work.

  • Enablers - those building products and models that enable remote and flexible work.

  • Accelerators - those leading the transition and making remote work happen.

The full list is not ranked, but includes 150 pioneering thinkers and leaders from more than 20 countries, including:


  1. Molood Ceccarelli, Founder at Remote Forever

  2. Tim Ferris, Author, angel investor and advisor

  3. Jason Fried, Co-founder and CEO of Basecamp

  4. Joel Gascoigne, Co-founder and CEO of Buffer

  5. Adam Grant, Organizational Psychologist

  6. Anita Lettink, Partner at Strategic Management Centre and Strategic Advisor at HRTechRadar

  7. Jeanne Meister, Founder and Managing Partner of Future Workplace

  8. Matt Mullenweg, Founder and CEO of Automattic

  9. Darren Murph, Head of Remote at GitLab

  10. Tsedal Neeley, Professor at Harvard Business School


  1. Anand Agarawala, Co-founder and CEO of Spatial

  2. Greg Caplan, Co-founder and CEO of Spot Meetings and Co-founder and Advisor at Remote Year

  3. Jonny Cosgrove, Co-founder and CEO of Meeting Room

  4. Laurel Farrer, Founder and CEO of Distribute Consulting and Founder of Remote Work Association

  5. Chris Herd, Founder and CEO of Firstbase

  6. Andreas Klinger, Investor at Remote First Capital and CTO at On Deck

  7. Justin Mitchell, Founder and CEO of Yac

  8. Amir Salihefendić, Founder and CEO of Doist

  9. Joe Thomas, Co-founder and CEO of Loom

  10. Ivan Zhao, Founder of Notion


  1. Gloria Chen, Chief People Officer and EVP, Employee Experience at Adobe

  2. Annie Dean, VP of Team Anywhere at Atlassian

  3. Samantha Fisher, Head of Dynamic Work at Okta

  4. Beth Galetti, SVP of People eXperience and Technology at Amazon

  5. Shannon Hardy, VP of Flex Work at LinkedIn

  6. Tracy Hawkins, VP of Work Transformation at Twitter

  7. Kathleen Hogan, Chief People Officer and EVP at Microsoft

  8. Brent Hyder, President and Chief People Officer at Salesforce

  9. Nataly Kelly, VP of Localization at HubSpot

  10. Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer at Accenture

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