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Remote API enables companies to automate global employment

October 12, 2022


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Customers can now securely integrate Remote’s services into their existing HR tech stacks to create custom workflows and streamline global HR, benefits, and payroll

San Francisco, October 12, 2022 – Remote, the leader in building, managing, and supporting global, distributed workforces, today announced that the Remote API is now available to all Remote customers. Recent significant enhancements allow companies to now build custom integrations to securely sync their employee and contractor data between Remote and their HR tools of choice – enabling more efficient, automated processes that make it even easier to hire and employ teams beyond their borders.

Thousands of companies use the Remote platform to manage onboarding, payroll, benefits, compliance, equity, relocation, and other services for employees and contractors in 150+ countries. Employers are increasingly using Remote alongside numerous other vendor and in-house tools to manage records and perform HR and payroll processes for their newly global workforces. The Remote API eliminates data silos and duplicate processes by giving customers access to their Remote data so they can build integrations and data syncs with their systems of choice.

Today’s news builds on Remote’s prior launch of the first-to-market API for global employment in March 2022 which enabled platform partners to embed Remote’s services and data directly into their platforms. Opening up the Remote API to customers means organizations themselves can now build bespoke integrations with Remote.

“Increasingly companies are pivoting toward globally distributed teams to accelerate growth, but getting bogged down in red tape and repetitive tasks. At Remote, we’re cutting through to automate HR and payroll tools so companies can simplify global hiring,” said Job van der Voort, CEO and Co-Founder of Remote. “Every customer has unique needs and ideas for how to use their employee and contractor data. The Remote API significantly extends the capabilities of the Remote platform, opening up a world of opportunities for any company to create their own custom integrations, automations, and reporting.”

Customers of Remote can get started with the Remote API for free. Check out the Remote API documentation to learn more at For more information on Remote and its mission to shape the future of remote work, visit

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