Remote API Integration Overview

Think we are a good match? Review the steps and requirements for integrating with Remote below.

Steps to integrate

Establish your goals

Determine what you want to accomplish using the API. For inspiration, check out our use cases and examples. To discover the full list of endpoints and data fields are available through the API, check out our API reference documents.

Allocate internal resources

For a successful integration, you will need a Remote account and a software developer to wite the code.

Provide admin access to your developer

Your software developer will need admin access to your Remote account so they can generate an API token. To give your software developer admin access in Remote click here.

Ensure you can access the sandbox

You’ll need to access our test environment to experiment with the API and validate results before making changes to your production company. To access the sandbox, log in to your Remote account and navigate to Integrations > Remote API > Access API. Note, you must have the company admin role in Remote to access this page.

Create a test company

Once in the sandbox environment, you will need to create a company that you can use for testing. To create a company, click Sign Up and go through the sign up flow. Don’t worry, you won’t be charged for any test employments you create for this company.

Get an API access token

An API token is a token that authenticates the user and allows them to make a request to the Remote API to access data for their company. You can generate an API token by visiting Account Preferences> API management in your test environment and following the instructions here. Please note, this token will only work for API requests made to the sandbox environment.

Run a test request

Now that you have an access token, use it to try out some requests to the sandbox environment following the example here. Log in to your test company and confirm that your test request was successful. 

Build and test your integration

Use our API developer resources and API reference documentation to build and test your seamless integration with Remote. For technical support during the build phase, please contact our team at

Deploy your integration to production

Once you’re confident that your API requests are working as expected, you can generate a production token and change the path for your requests to start sending requests to your production company. More details on these steps can be found here.

Support your teams using the integration

Monitor questions and feedback from your team to help your software developer continually iterate and improve on the integration.

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