Jessica Hernandez, head of HR at Automation Hero

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How Automation Hero hires across Europe with Remote


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When you’re a German-based intelligent process automation company, you need access to great talent — and a lot of it. How did Automation Hero use Remote to fill open roles more quickly, convert international contractors into full-time employees, and solve compliance challenges? Read on to find out.

Automation Hero at a glance

Headquarters: Germany (European) and United States (Global)

Founded: 2017

Company Size: 100 employees, 20 contractors

Industry: Robotic process automation

Total Employee Countries: 13

Why Automation Hero chose Remote

Automation Hero chose Remote to accelerate global hiring plans, unlock new talent markets, and convert longtime contractors into full-time employees with benefits.

  • Automation Hero is now experiencing more freedom and flexibility in its hiring process.

  • The company has been able to convert several longtime contractors into full-time employees, including best-in-class local benefits and time off.

  • Employee referrals have increased due to Remote’s easy onboarding process.

  • Remote’s account services have provided high responsiveness, helpful resources, and constantly evolving tools that have streamlined Automation Hero’s HR processes.

  • Automation Hero’s HR team never has to worry if the company is compliant in specific countries, and Remote’s seamless international payroll services ensure everyone is paid in full and on time.

  • Employees truly feel like they belong, thanks to Remote’s global and dedicated team.

Saving thousands of hours of productivity

Automation Hero began as a German-based company. However, only being able to hire within Germany stunted their recruitment efforts and limited the company’s talent pool. To alleviate the situation, the company decided to expand to the UK first.

According to Jessica Hernandez, head of HR at Automation Hero, the first mistake was trying to go it alone.

We have an entity in the UK, which I set up by myself, and [the setup process] was awful...It just wasn’t cost-effective to have gone through all of that. It was complicated and took a lot of time.

Before Remote, Hernandez spent countless hours building out an international hiring infrastructure by herself. Even with the assistance of a specialized agency hired to help, she was still spending lots of time, energy, and money on establishing Automation Hero’s UK entity. Looking back on her struggles, Hernandez says, “It was quite cost prohibitive to set up for a handful of employees just to test the local market.”

Automation Hero needed access to a more diverse talent pool to meet hiring goals, but the company didn’t want to repeat the frustration of opening an entity in another country — and certainly not multiple countries.

When evaluating solutions, Hernandez had several requirements. “Legally everything needs to be set up properly; payroll is going to happen in a timely manner; and the employees are going to feel taken care of.”

Remote delivered on all those goals and more, allowing Hernandez and the Automation Hero team to leave their global hiring worries behind.

Our account team at Remote is fantastic. They alleviated all of our concerns and gave us the confidence to expand into new countries.

Keeping people at the center

With the right hiring infrastructure and support, Automation Hero has the opportunity to grow as a company and truly support its people. As the company's head of HR, Hernandez says working with Remote has been incredibly beneficial for the company.

She shared the story of one Automation Hero engineer, Sebestyén, who is based in Hungary. Sebestyén worked as a contractor for two years before transitioning to a FTE, thanks to Automation Hero's partnership with Remote. Keeping people happy and providing potentially life-changing opportunities, like coming on board full-time, is what continues to help Automation Hero grow. Sebestyén was so excited he wrote a story on LinkedIn about the impact of his work at the company.

It's stories like these that Remote makes possible.

It’s given us more freedom. It’s allowed us to move our folks from contractors to FTEs, so employee referrals have increased… It's given us more flexibility in our hiring.

The benefits of partnering with Remote

They say time is money, and Remote has saved Hernandez and the Automation Hero team countless hours in the hiring process for their remote employees. Hernandez appreciates that new features are constantly rolling out to support her team's needs. Partnering with Remote provides Automation Hero with the opportunity to focus on the work it does best while trusting that its greatest asset — its people — are taken care of.

By partnering with Remote, Automation Hero is able to provide benefits for employees that it could not offer to contractors before, such as PTO. That partnership also means flexibility, so remote European employees can remain in their home countries versus relocating to Automation Hero’s offices in Germany. With aggressive growth plans, Automation Hero knows the best way forward is to tap into Europe’s incredible pool of distributed talent. Now, thanks to Remote, onboarding a whole new world of talent is just a few clicks away.

Do you want to enjoy stress-free international hiring like Automation Hero? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of Remote’s global hiring experts. If you’re ready to get started, you can set up your profile now and begin onboarding employees and contractors around the world in minutes.

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