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Practical tips to improve your Elixir codebase

Every person has a unique way of thinking and, therefore, a unique way of coding. Developing a solution that makes sense to every dev on your team can be difficult, especially the problems become more complex. If you're trying to improve an Elixir codebase, the complexity can quickly become overwhelming.

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How to architect for Kubernetes: Part 1

Companies are catching on to the advantages of Kubernetes for development of their Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions. At Remote, we have just completed a successful transition to Kubernetes and would like to share our story to help others make the switch.

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Remote on Kubernetes: The future of our global infrastructure

Remote is pleased to announce that we have completed our migration to Kubernetes. In our mission to build a global infrastructure for global employment, we depend on advanced tools that allow us to build with the scale and flexibility that our customers need. This upgrade marks a step forward in our ability to develop and deploy our industry-leading solutions.

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How to structure your Sass codebase

We use Sass at Remote, especially the .scss syntax. Sass gives our team features that don't exist yet in CSS, like nesting selectors, mixins, functions, and variables (although CSS has now custom properties they have differences), which are great for productivity.

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