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[Webinar Recording] Building a globally inclusive recruitment strategy


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While it can be funny when a cat crashes a group Zoom call or a child prances through the background of a one-on-one meeting, those same events can be deal-breakers during a job interview. But should they be?

To attract top talent and to remain competitive in today’s talent market, companies must make an effort to adapt to a new reality: the line between work and home has never been less clear, and that inclusivity is the key to successful global recruitment.

This webinar features HR leaders speaking about how to bake inclusivity into your recruitment strategy, including how to align leadership with interviewers; how to use HR tools to create equal recruitment experiences; and how to use values-based recruiting to eliminate biases.

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Watch as Samantha Friedman, senior vice president of people strategy at Hired; Caitlyn Metteer, director of recruiting at Lever; Adriana Clark, HR manager at BambooHR; and Anastasia Pshegodskaya, director of talent acquisition at Remote engage in a fascinating discussion on recruitment and why being globally inclusive is a key element for today’s search for talent.

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What does it mean to be globally inclusive?

Being inclusive while recruiting means creating a recruitment strategy that puts everyone on equal footing. Some of the most common inclusivity mistakes come from failing to identify unconscious biases that eclipse the candidates’ actual qualifications and the value they could bring to the team.

While recruiting, inclusivity is as simple as using tolerance and understanding during interviews, knowing that distractions might come up, or recognizing that audio and video might be imperfect. For example, interviewers can make an extra effort on name pronunciation, people’s pronouns, and whether any special accommodations are needed.

It’s 2022: biases are out, inclusivity is in!

Questions about global recruitment?

In the end, being inclusive in your global recruitment process is about humanity – recognizing that your candidates are humans who come with a variety of things that might influence an interview — but that don’t affect how well they can do the job.

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