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Compete for top talent with new global mobility and employment flexibility features

Written by James Doman-Pipe
November 1, 2022
James Doman-Pipe


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We know that one in three workers value flexibility as a top consideration when evaluating job offers — but what does that really mean? How can employers offer flexibility at scale?

Today we’re excited to share a number of improvements to Remote that enables employers around the world to deliver the flexibility that employees desire and require.

Streamlining international relocation, with global mobility support

Whether it’s relocating for work, family, or lifestyle, 34% of employees say relocation assistance is a coveted benefit that they would use if available.

Our new Global Mobility Service enables current or future employees to relocate to other countries, relying on our experienced in-house team for immigration guidance, pre-employment eligibility checks, and more. Employers can use Remote’s Global Employment service to streamline international employment, offering local benefits and payroll while avoiding compliance and administrative effort.

Employment eligibility options on the Remote platform

When onboarding a new employee to Remote, employers can gain peace of mind by requesting a pre-hire assessment to get ahead of any issues.

Employers can choose from two services:

  • Pre-employment eligibility check. We’ll confirm that your potential hire holds a valid right to work in a country where they are a temporary resident or foreign national, and provide residence/work permit renewal guidance

  • Immigration guidance. We’ll help an employee who wants to relocate to another country get information on their options, including their visa/permit options, estimated costs and timelines, and any red flags to watch out for

Gain control over finances, with new flexible payment options

Employees based in the US now have the capability to split their salary payments across multiple bank accounts. We’ve seen employees use this feature to automatically transfer money to their savings and investment accounts, and even deposit a percentage of their salary straight into Coinbase for buying crypto.

We’ve also expanded payment options for contractors, allowing them to receive non-native currency payments in 60+ countries around the world. Digital nomads and other independent workers can be paid directly from their employers in the currency of their choice, without conversion fees.

“For many employees, flexibility is now a make-or-break factor in where they work and whether they stay in their current role. We're constantly working to help our customers attract top talent with world-class employment packages in every country. Our latest enhancements mean it’s easier for employees to get paid, live, and work the way they want."

Job van der Voort, CEO and Co-Founder of Remote

Avoid misclassification risk: convert contractors to employees with ease

Governments all around the world are cracking down on employee misclassification, which can lead to painful fines, administrative work, and reputational damage.

Our new Employee Misclassification Calculator helps employers understand their risk level with simple questions about their contractor relationship, and our expert team are on hand to provide further assessment.

Converting contractors to full-time employees can also have a whole host of benefits for everyone involved, including cost-efficiency, access to benefits, and job stability.

Whether reducing risk or building a more stable working relationship, employers can easily start the conversion process, tapping into our expertise and experience to both avoid legal exposure in complex situations, and evolve the way they work with international talent.

Flexibility is the future

Every business will need to build flexible employment packages that enable them to compete for top talent and stay competitive in the global job market.

Today, that means offering employees the freedom and flexibility to get paid, live, and work where they want - all made possible by the Remote platform and our team of experienced global employment experts.

Sign up to Remote today to access talent beyond your usual borders. Thousands of businesses rely on Remote’s modern platform and legal, financial, and cultural expertise to onboard, pay, and manage employees and contractors in 150+ countries.

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