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[Webinar Recording] Managing contractors and avoiding misclassification

October 7, 2021
Preston Wickersham


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Fines, penalties, back taxes, unhappy employees, weakened IP protection, legal disputes, and reputational damage – these are just a few of the potential complications that you’ll have to face if you misclassify employees on your global team. That’s the bad news. The good news is that all that can be avoided with efficient contractor management.

In this one-hour webinar on contractor management, three expert panelists discuss best practices for the contractors on your team, including what to include in a contract, who should own the contract, contractor status reviews, and more.

Watch the full webinar on managing contractors!

Watch a panel of Remote experts with Filipa Matos, VP of international expansion and operations; James Doman-Pipe, senior product marketing manager; and Roderick van Vliet, chief risk officer, in this hour-long discussion (with Q&A) on misclassification risk and how to best manage contractors as part of your global team.

Watch the recorded webinar now!

What is misclassification of contractors?

Misclassification occurs when companies incorrectly classify an employee as a contractor. What exactly constitutes the difference between a contractor and an employee varies by country, which makes global contractor management tricky.

To ensure compliance, companies must understand the different rules in different countries and ensure that each contract worker is registered correctly wherever they are. This is an ongoing exercise, as labor laws can change quickly and often.

Efficient contractor management is a combination of many factors: communication, documentation, advice, on-time payments, and knowing when to convert a contractor to a full time employee. It’s a big task, but it also has a great reward: building a strong contracting team to grow internationally.

Questions about managing contractors?

Are you managing a team of contractors? Freelance and contract employees can play an important role in the success of your business, but as local labor laws vary by country, it’s essential to make sure you’ve read the fine print.

Contact us here for more information on how we help organizations around the world manage their team of freelancers and contractors. Ready to get started now? Sign up for free and begin onboarding international employees and contractors in minutes.

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