BambooHR and Remote, together at last!

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Remote integrates with BambooHR to accelerate access to global talent

Nov 9, 2021
Preston Wickersham


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When your HR tools don’t talk to each other, one task can quickly become hundreds. A human resources information system (HRIS) can help streamline things by acting as the single source of truth for employee information, but if your other HR applications don’t connect to your HRIS, it still means hours lost to duplicate data entry.

We get it. Accelerating your global growth is easier when all your tools are connected. Today’s HR leaders need tools that connect the dots on employee data.

That’s why we’re excited to announce our new integration with BambooHR, a leading HR software provider and HRIS. This new partnership will simplify HR management of distributed teams for companies of all sizes.

Joining forces to streamline HR data management

You’re probably familiar with BambooHR’s hiring, onboarding, and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software — you may have even used it when onboarding at your current company! But if you look deeper, BambooHR brings so much more to HR teams. They’ve built seamless compensation, engagement, and analytics tools that help millions of teams and their employees do great work.

Through this new partnership, two best-of-breeds in HR are joining forces to help companies fuel their growth through connected data and greater access to global talent. Together, we aim to further simplify global employment and empower HR teams with the most innovative tools to meet their needs.

“For companies looking to scale internationally, it’s crucial to empower their HR teams to take action quickly and provide them with integrated tools that drive efficiency,” said Shama Madhvani, Director of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at BambooHR.

"Remote is a great fit to be our first employer of record (EOR) integration because their local infrastructure offers HR teams globally a scalable, affordable, and flexible option with full transparency into the onboarding process." - Shama Madhvani, BambooHR

Fuel your growth through connected data

Automation and accuracy are the keys to stress-free global hiring. Our new integration has you covered on both counts!

With this new integration, shared customers will be able to securely sync essential new hire information — like their name, start date, job title, and email address — automatically and seamlessly between the BambooHR and Remote platforms. This means increased productivity across your entire HR team and the automation of repetitive tasks (e.g., no more double data entry!)

What will you do with all that extra time? Just think of all those strategic HR initiatives on your wish list that you can finally get to…

Plus, by minimizing manual data entry, the integration also reduces the risk of errors within HR processes that could delay onboarding timelines and jeopardize that must-have hire. This new partnership will help you keep all your employee information accurate and up to date.

With the new integration, customers can look forward to:

  • Streamlining and accelerating how they build global teams

  • Automatically syncing new hire profiles into Remote directly from BambooHR’s platform

  • Saving time and avoiding duplicate tasks across platforms

  • Faster onboarding times with accurate data

Sounds too good to be free, right? Great news — this integration is 100% free for customers of both BambooHR and Remote!

Get your guide on Building to the Remote API

See how easy it is for your team to customize and embed the Remote API into your platform and help your customers go global.

Set up in less time than it took to read this blog

Looking for an easy button when it comes to setting up the integration? We’ve got you covered. Getting started is simple and doesn’t require any technical skills or coding experience.

Current Remote and BambooHR customers can follow these simple instructions to activate the integration in under 60 seconds.

See how easy it is to combine the power of Remote and BambooHR

If you’re a BambooHR customer but new to Remote, you can learn more about us or request a demo of the integration with our team here.

Once the integration is activated, you can automatically import new employees from BambooHR into your Remote account with just a few clicks! This means faster onboardings and fewer headaches.

See how easy global HR can be

Remote was purpose-built for companies of all sizes to help manage their global payroll, benefits, taxes, and compliance with ease. As we continue to grow our platform, we’re excited to partner with HRIS, ATS, and payroll solutions that share our relentless focus on bringing the power of global employment to even more businesses around the world.

To learn more about integrations with Remote or to reach out to our team, visit

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