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Remote integrates with HiBob to streamline global HR processes

Written by Jillian Trubee
Aug 23, 2022
Jillian Trubee


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Connecting employee data across your HR tech stack is vital to your HR team’s success. That’s why Remote has teamed up with HiBob, a leading HRIS system, to help you connect your HR data across platforms and supercharge your hiring efficiency.

In this blog, we’ll highlight how customers who use the HiBob HRIS platform can:

  • Set up an integration connecting their HiBob and Remote accounts in minutes

  • Automatically sync essential new hire information during onboarding to prevent manual errors that lead to onboarding delays

  • Automatically sync changes in employee information across platforms to ensure your data is always accurate

More companies than ever are hiring globally distributed teams — after all, who doesn’t love access to a global talent pool? — but they get slowed down by the roadblocks of increasingly complex people processes. By powering cross-platform communication through integrations with industry leaders like HiBob, Remote helps HR teams cut time spent on administrative work and focus on more high-priority tasks.

If you are ready to streamline the management of your global talent with Remote and HiBob, here’s how!

Turning collaboration into better connected data

HiBob is a global HR technology leader – and you might even use it at your current company to track employees’ time off, goals, paychecks, and much more. From out-of-the-box onboarding, workflows, performance, and compensation management to people analytics and more, HiBob gives your HR team the tools needed to operate efficiently.

Through this new partnership, Remote is combining forces with HiBob to create a seamless data synchronization integration for companies of all sizes. With this integration, new and existing employee information will be automatically updated from HiBob into the Remote platform, minimizing administrative functions to streamline management of talent around the world.

"We’re very attuned to the needs of our market and understand the complexity of employing international teams has created challenges within HR processes," says HiBob Senior Director of Business Development Yoav Gur. “Remote is naturally aligned with HiBob’s mission and values of simplifying the globalization of the modern workforce, and our extensive overlapping customer bases can now benefit from this integration.”

How the Remote and HiBob integration works

Managing team data across platforms is crucial for HR teams, particularly those with international employees, contractors, and freelance workers attempting to stay compliant in multiple countries. Our new integration with HiBob’s HRIS platform has been developed to help your HR team minimize time spent on manual tasks and eliminate the risk of human error in duplicating data entry.

Here’s how it works:

  • Streamline your onboarding - Save time and avoid potential hiring delays by securely sending employee onboarding information from HiBob to Remote in one click. All you have to do when creating the new team member’s profile in HiBob is select either “As employee” or “As contractor” in the Sync to Remote field.

  • Data management made easy - You can use this same process to sync changes across platforms automatically when an existing employee’s information is updated. This means less time wasted on duplicate tasks and fewer data entry mistakes.

  • Automatic updates - Once set up, the integration automatically syncs your selected data from HiBob into Remote regularly. If you want changes synced immediately, you can force an update by clicking the manual sync button in Remote any time.

As a privacy-first HR leader, you might be wondering exactly what data is ported from HiBob into Remote. When the integration creates a new profile in Remote, only the most important data needed to kick off the onboarding process is carried over — the employee’s full name, email, start date, job title, address, and supervisor. Remote takes data protection seriously, which means your employees get the experience they deserve while you get the data security you need.

Now you can enjoy a streamlined process that keeps all your essential employee information accurate and up-to-date! With Remote and HiBob working together, you can truly focus on helping new employees and contractors onboard and reach full productivity faster.

Set up in minutes — no code required!

No coding experience? That’s ok! Getting the integration set up is simple and doesn’t require any technical skills or coding. Our easy-to-use guide helps current Remote customers connect their Remote and HiBob accounts in just a few clicks.

All of us here at Remote are so excited about this new integration with HiBob and the efficiencies it will bring to our customers. Remember, this integration is completely free for HiBob and Remote customers to use. So connect your accounts today and see how easy global HR can be!

If you’re a HiBob customer but new to Remote, you can request a demo with our team to learn more about the integration. Ready to sign up now? We’d love to have you on board – you can get started here.

Integrate your entire HR tech stack

Remote enables companies to hire employees and contractors anywhere in the world, just as easily as they would hire someone who lives next door. Remote acts as an employer of record in more than 65 countries with fully owned local infrastructures, so you can be confident that Remote always has the knowledge you need to hire like a local. As we continue to grow our platform, we’re dedicated to partnering with even more HRIS, ATS, and payroll solutions to further streamline workflows for our customers.

Visit our website to learn more about all of the integrations currently available, and subscribe to our blog for regular updates on all the helpful new product enhancements in Remote.

Looking to create bespoke reports and build custom workflows for more efficient internal processes? We've got you covered. We're building new Remote API endpoints to help our customers develop custom connections that eliminate duplicate data entry and show all of your people and payroll data where you need it. Learn more about the Remote API and join our waitlist to get access when we launch new endpoints designed specifically for Remote customers.

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