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Remote raises $35 million to help more companies access global talent

November 10, 2020
Job van der Voort


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We founded Remote last year with a simple mission: help international talent access better opportunities by removing employment barriers for companies. It took us nearly 18 months to build the robust legal infrastructure required to offer this level of service to our customers in only a few countries. Today, Remote is on track to offer our full suite of services in 30 countries by the end of the year, with our customer base doubling every month.

As we pursued our mission, we learned that it’s not just about access to opportunities, but access to resources. People who were previously unable to work for ambitious organizations because of their location could now, through Remote, earn a salary and benefits better than anything they could find locally. Instead of moving away, workers could care for their loved ones, raise their kids, and enjoy all the freedoms of life without having to concede their ambitions.

For employers, the benefits of this shift have been enormous. We’re seeing companies realize the massive opportunity of talent across the planet, rather than just the talent nearest to their offices. Several employers now actively look for talent exclusively in countries where Remote can support them — and that list of countries continues to grow.

Remote is building a scaling engine for modern organizations. Access to global talent should not be limited to enterprise organizations worth billions of dollars. Just as every person deserves a good job, every company deserves the ability to hire internationally.

To help us realize this vision, we have raised $35 million from Index Ventures, with participation from Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst, and Two Sigma Ventures. In addition, we’re supported by amazing angel investors including Dylan Field, Aaron Levie, Ruchi Sanghvi, Kevin and Julia Hartz, and many others.

We are experiencing the beginning of a truly global workforce. Companies can now hire the best person for every open role, no matter where an applicant lives. Talented people are no longer limited by their geography, because they can work for any company in any country. Smaller businesses that have been locked out of the global talent pool by high prices and legal complications can now compete with the biggest businesses in the world for the talent they need.

Today marks an important step in Remote’s journey to build the platform that powers the future of work. We will continue to expand into new countries, grow our product, and connect people and businesses around the world. Thank you to our customers, our team, and our investors for helping us bring the benefits of global employment to the world.

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