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Borderless payments for contractors with flexible currency options

Written by Matt Brighton
November 27, 2023
Matt Brighton


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While finding and onboarding international contractors has never been easier, foreign exchange (FX) conversion costs and cross-border transactions can make contractor payments challenging.

As a result, we’ve updated our platform, enabling contractors to invoice and receive payments in the supported currency of their choice — with guaranteed payouts. 

This will give both businesses and contractors more flexibility in their payments, and eliminate the hassle of currency calculations and conversion woes. 

So how does it work?

Invoicing in a chosen currency

When invoicing through Remote, contractors can now specify which currency they want to be paid in, with a guaranteed payout amount.

On the invoice creation page, contractors simply need to choose between their withdrawal currency or their client’s billing currency, and then submit the invoice.

Invoice in contractor currency only works when Remote pays out directly to the contractor's local bank account. Remote cannot offer invoice in contractor currency or guaranteed payouts for Stripe Connect where FX is involved.

Guaranteed payouts  

As mentioned, Remote guarantees payouts to contractors. Depending on the currency choice, we will automatically convert the funds received from your client into your local withdrawal currency.

For payments processed via Wise, Remote will guarantee that you receive the full invoiced amount in your local currency, and protect you from currency fluctuations. 

Learn more about guaranteed payouts for contractors

Centralized visibility and payment tracking

To remove any ambiguity around inaccurate FX conversions and other currency challenges, we provide complete visibility — for both parties — into how invoices are processed and calculated.

Contractors are guaranteed to receive payouts that match their invoices, ensuring accurate accounting for both businesses and contractors.

Not using Remote for contractor management yet?

Remote’s Contractor Management platform allows businesses to onboard, manage, and pay contractors quickly, easily, and — most importantly — compliantly.

  • Create and edit locally-compliant contracts

  • Pay contractors in 70+ currencies in over 180 countries

  • Approve invoices in one click

  • No hidden fees

It’s easy to get started, too. Sign up for our free trial and start onboarding new contractors today.

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