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Contractor management software with built-in misclassification risk features, helpful automations, and lightning-fast payments that save you time, money, and stress.

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  • Powerful automation tools on a centralized platform

    Spend less time managing invoices and making payments so you can spend more time building your business and less time on contractor management outsourcing.

  • Maximize value while minimizing costs

    Easily manage contractors everywhere at a flat-rate price on a contractor management system that automatically detects which contractors are active to keep your bill low.

  • Protect against misclassification risk while you scale

    Protect your company from contractor compliance risk with built-in misclassification and tax tools.

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 Scale and manage your global contractor workforce with ease.


Powerful automation tools on a centralized platform

Our platform simplifies contractor management by integrating advanced automation features for onboarding, invoicing, and global payments. With everything centralized, you can efficiently handle all contractor-related tasks, providing quick onboarding, flexible payment options, and secure transactions in local currencies worldwide.

Cost Efficiency

Maximize value while minimizing costs

Achieve significant cost savings with our contractor management system designed to minimize expenses while maximizing efficiency. Benefit from automatic detection of active contractors to avoid unnecessary charges, reduced compliance costs across multiple countries, and a unified platform that manages all your contractor needs effectively.

Risk Mitigation

Protect against misclassification risk while you scale

Protect your business from misclassification risks with our comprehensive contractor management solutions. Our platform provides compliance with regional regulations through localized contracts, offers enhanced security with indemnity coverage, and keeps you informed about labor law changes globally, enabling safe and scalable business growth.

Integrations make Remote even better

We play well with others. Connect Remote to some of the world’s top names in HR and see how good life can be when all your tools work together.

Always fair pricing

We don’t like hidden fees and third-party add-ons. So we don’t charge any. Our contractor management software automatically keeps your bill as low as possible every month setting us apart from other contractor management outsourcing options.

Contractor Management

Compliantly onboard and pay contractors


per contractor/month

Top features

  • Only pay for contractors you actively work with

  • Work with contractors in 200+ countries

  • Create, edit, and sign tailored, localized contracts

  • Approve contractor invoices with one click or auto-pay

  • Transparent payments with complete visibility

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Frequently asked questions

You can get started with Remote Contractor Management for free! Enjoy a 30-day trial to onboard and manage contractors without any charges.

After the trial, if your contractors engage in billable activities like invoicing, contract signing, or receiving payment for pending invoices, the cost is $29 per contractor per month. Credit card payments carry a 3.5% service fee, but rest assured, no hidden fees or surprises. Find out more about Remote Contractor Management and our Fair Price Guarantee on our blog.

Your free-trial is activated immediately after you add a contractor. 

Businesses can pay contractor invoices by wire transfer, ACH, SEPA, or credit card. Contractors receive payments directly in their designated bank accounts via Stripe Connect.

Contractors can receive payments in the same currency for free. However, our payment partner may charge a 1-2% fee for currency conversions. There are no additional fees for receiving payments as a contractor through Remote, and we do not add any service or handling fees.

Yes, you can. You can also choose to use our contract templates and guides to ensure full compliance with local labor laws.

While Remote does not provide legal advice, we do offer localized contractor agreements and a detailed statement of work to help you and your contractors comply with local labor laws and regulations. Additionally, Remote provides an extra layer of protection against misclassification risks through our Contractor Management Plus service. This add-on not only ensures compliance for contractors but also offers indemnity coverage in case of misclassification. Learn more about Contractor Management Plus.

Working with an independent contractor management service like Remote allows you to eliminate repetitive administrative tasks, reduce the risk of human error, and focus on the most critical aspects of your strategy.

Managing payroll for contractors is an essential feature to expect from service providers, but it’s just one of many features to consider. Localized contract templates, facilitation of international payments, and handling tax withholdings and payments in multiple countries are equally important.

It might seem overwhelming, but working with a trusted service provider like Remote simplifies the process and reduces risks. This frees up a lot of time for you to focus on your business instead of becoming an expert on labor regulations and tax laws across multiple countries.

Not all solutions are created equal, so it's important to learn about the key features of independent contractor management and payroll services. Contracts that comply with local labor laws and facilitating faster, easier global payments are just the beginning.

Access to expert advice and support helps you make critical operational decisions swiftly. With Remote’s guidance, you can understand the intricacies of onboarding contractors in over 170 countries and access on-demand visa and immigration support.

Making payments to contractors can drain your team’s resources, especially when you’re paying international contractors. Each new contract adds to your workload. Staying compliant with relevant international laws is nearly impossible for teams focused on rapid growth.

Paying independent contractors requires an accurate and scalable system even before you onboard your first candidate. This includes ensuring contracts are compliant with labor and tax laws in each country where your contractors work. For instance, in the United States, you must also collect and automatically generate the appropriate tax forms for your contractors.

If you employ contractors in multiple countries, you need a simple way to pay invoices in various currencies without hefty bank fees or conversion costs. Automating payments will future-proof your process, particularly if you're in a growth phase and hiring quickly. Automation also introduces time-saving efficiencies when managing invoices with different payment terms.

We're happy to have you! Whether you're already a Remote customer or new to our platform, you can easily onboard, offboard, and manage independent contractors worldwide. Remote simplifies the process of paying your contractors in their preferred currencies, managing invoices, automating payments, and keeping track of essential documentation. You only pay for active contractors on Remote, so if you stop working with a contractor for a few months, you don't need to do anything to save money. Remote automatically detects if your contractors are active and only charges you when you‌ use our services. For more information, see the Remote Fair Price Guarantee.