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New upgrades to our employee experience to keep your team happier than ever

Written by James Doman-Pipe
James Doman-Pipe


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Our latest research on employee turnover and retention shows that companies expect over 40% of their employee base to leave their role this year. With companies self-reporting the cost of rehiring and training new employees at an average of $22.8k per employee, retaining workers should be top of mind for every HR exec.

At Remote, we don't just enable you to hire people around the world. We help you keep them, too. We’ve been working on a number of new features and employee experience improvements to help our customers retain employees hired through Remote. Here’s a roundup for your review! 

Rolling out: Flexible benefits packages that meet your unique needs 

Our recently released Global Benefits Report found that an astonishing 60% of employees will choose one job over another because of a better benefits package. Additionally, 67% of global workers say that they expect their benefits to be comparable to those of other professionals in their country or city.

Don’t let insufficient benefits be the reason you lose top talent.  

We pride ourselves on delivering comprehensive local benefits in countries around the world to help you attract and retain the best talent. Our in-house benefit experts have done the research on requirements and expectations in every market so that all your employees feel empowered, supported, and able to thrive in their roles – regardless of which country they’re logging in from.

Because Remote is able to benefit from large group plans, we are able to offer competitive rates on more comprehensive coverage for your employees. Additionally, we do not add a markup on any benefits premiums, passing these savings directly to our customers.

Starting with the US and Canada, we’re rolling out new levels of flexibility to help our customers stay competitive in hiring and retention while keeping costs within budget and fulfilling the unique needs of their preferred employee experience.  

Let’s take a look at what that means for two of our top markets:

United States

  • Remote customers can now offer more flexibility to US employees, allowing them to select the healthcare, vision, and dental plans that best suit their unique needs.

  • Instead of selecting a healthcare plan for them, customers can make flat-rate monthly contributions to support an employee’s benefit choices.

  • Employees will have access to a variety of plan options at competitive, large-group rates within Remote’s benefits marketplace.

  • Our enhanced healthcare options include support for both individuals and families.


  • Remote customers can now offer tiers of optional health insurance for individuals and families.

  • Remote customers can now offer retirement plans with multiple employer contribution options.

  • Our new Employee Assistance Program can help your team members access expertise and support on everything from work and relationships to finance, retirement, mental health, and more.

With 78% of company decision makers stating they have seen greater retention after adding or improving benefits packages (per our Global Benefits Report), we are excited about the impact these new options will have for our customers and their employees. We’ll continue to evaluate our benefit offerings in each of our top markets with the goal of delivering more flexible, effective packages for our customers and their team members across all our top markets.

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Manage expenses and view payslips on our mobile apps

Submitting expense reimbursements has traditionally been a manual, cumbersome process. In our user testing, we found that employees overwhelmingly hoard receipts and panic to submit their reports at the end of each month. 

Panic no more. Our new mobile app makes it easy to create and complete expenses on the go, so you’re always up to date. Just snap a photo of any receipt or invoice, use our AI text recognition to auto-complete the expense report, and submit. It really is that easy. 

And that’s not all you can do: employees can also use the app to check their payslips on the go for instant insight into salary payments and tax deductions. 

Reward top performers with incentives 

Maybe you pay commissions, offer an ongoing stipend, want to issue a bonus, or just want to say thanks for a job well done. 

Whatever the reason, Remote makes it simple to reward your team members with incentives. You can make one-time payments for upcoming payroll, schedule future payments, or create recurring payments in seconds — all within the Remote platform. 

Because compliance is at the heart of everything we do, our local payroll experts check to confirm your incentive payment meets local regulatory requirements, preventing risk and putting your mind at ease. 

Learn more about incentives in Remote

PTO accuracy and visibility

Keeping track of the leave requirements of every country is no small feat. We’re enhancing our in-product PTO and leave requirement calculations on a country-by-country basis.

Starting with the UK, Canada, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, and Singapore, we're testing:

  • Improved calculations, including yearly carryovers, pro-rating rules, annual leave periods, and more 

  • Accurate paid time off calculations in the app for employees and managers 

  • Country-specific data that powers calculations for maximum accuracy and ensures complete compliance with local laws and regulations

  • Additional flexibility to offer extra time off to celebrate birthdays, outstanding performance, or just because 

We’ll be rolling out this heightened level of data and functionality to additional countries over the coming months so you have a new suite of employee experience solutions at your fingertips. 

Retention starts at day zero with faster onboarding 

Every great manager knows that the best employee experiences start from the moment your new hire sees an offer letter and starts onboarding. 

Employers can now create offer letters in the Remote platform and invite workers to complete their onboarding. The slick onboarding process can be completed on a laptop or phone in minutes, reducing friction and building a positive employee onboarding experience. 

We also know that employers and employees value speed. Our latest public Remote stats show that employees we support can go from offer to signed agreement in as few as two days — so you can start every new relationship on the right foot. 

Retention starts with the basics 

While our latest features and improvements are designed to improve the employee experience, we believe that your retention efforts begin with the basics: ensuring you’re meeting local employment regulations and cultural expectations. 

Our expert in-house teams monitor, implement, and ensure compliance with local labor, finance, and tax laws on issues from local public holidays to mandatory cost-of-living salary increases, payroll regulations, and stock option equity implications. Meanwhile, our international team on the ground provides support with hiring tips and local cultural expectations. That means you always have all the insight you need to make the most of your employee relationships. 

If you’re hiring new global employees, what are you waiting for? Get started with Remote now! You can contact our team to chat, or if you’re ready, sign up today for free and begin onboarding employees and contractors in minutes.

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