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New employer dashboard, contractor benefits hub and more: August 2023 product release notes

August 28, 2023
Job van der Voort


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At Remote, we know that as your business scales internationally, you need tools that are as ambitious as you are.

That’s why we obsess over the details, striving to build the most user-friendly global HR platform for you to hire, pay, and manage your entire team. Well, we’ve been hard at work doing just that.

We’ve launched a major upgrade to how you track and manage payroll runs, whether you hire employees through our EOR entities or use Remote to process global payroll.

We’ve made it more transparent and insightful, giving you a clear view of key dates, estimated costs, per-employee breakdowns, and the finalized gross-to-net reports you need. It’s payroll, simplified, so you can pay your global team with confidence.

Our redesigned employer dashboard is now your central hub, combining your most important to-dos with the most interesting insights about your team. Plus, we’ve shipped many other improvements: exclusive discounts for contractors to purchase health insurance, on-call and night time-tracking, probation notifications, and much, much more.

I’m so excited about how companies around the world are using Remote to scale their business globally — and these updates are just the beginning. We're committed to making Remote the best platform for managing your global team. Thanks for being part of the journey!

As always, we'd love to hear from you, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on social media, reach out to your Remote rep, or get in touch with the team.

What’s new?

See all the latest features from Remote!

Streamlined payroll management for your global team

As your business grows, you need additional insights into the entire payroll process, like key dates, estimated costs, and per-employee breakdowns.

Whether you use Remote to hire employees via our EOR entities, or use Remote to run global payroll for your own entities, you now have unmatched visibility into the entire process.

This new experience includes a ton of new features to help you run payroll with confidence, including:

  • See upcoming payroll runs with a clear timeline of the process for each country

  • Preview estimated payroll costs for upcoming runs and review outstanding inputs like incentives and expenses

  • Confirm finalized payroll costs, download reports, and view employee payslips

  • Access historical payroll data to look back at past runs

  • Understand the payroll impact for each employee, including their gross pay, net pay, and your total costs including benefits and other statutory costs

Over the coming months, we’ll be launching many more features to give you more visibility, flexibility, and control over all things payroll as part of our mission

to make global HR simple.

Remote users can learn more in our Help Center.

New dashboard for employers

Meet the new Remote dashboard, your central hub. Designed with busy employers in mind, this intuitive dashboard simplifies your daily workflow.

Start your day with a clear list of tasks that need your attention, complete with direct links to resolve them — whether it’s reviewing a time-off request, processing a contractor’s invoice, or approving an employee expense.

You’ll get straightforward insights into your team’s structure and upcoming milestones, such as team members per type and country, onboarding status, and important dates like public holidays and birthdays.

Finally, you can stay informed with up-to-date guides and announcements, like guided demos of new features and news about product releases that ensure you’re always making the most of Remote.

The new Remote Dashboard is our commitment to saving you time, reducing stress, and helping you focus on managing and growing your global team.

Track on-call and night hours

Managing and approving different types of work hours, especially on-call and night hours often come with specific compensation rules, which can lead to higher costs for employers if not tracked accurately.

Employees can now track their on-call and night shifts in Remote’s integrated time-tracking tool. Timesheets are sent to employers for approvals, which can be used to calculate accurate and compliant payroll.

Find out more about tracking hours as an employee or approving timesheets as an employer.

Simplified account creation

It's never been easier to create a free Remote account and access our powerful global HR platform.

Starting your journey with Remote is more simple than ever before. After providing some basic information about you and your company, you’ll unlock the doors to a world of seamless global HR management.

  • Instant access to tools: Explore our cost calculator to estimate global salaries, and dive into our Partner Marketplace to discover valuable services and integrations

  • Flexible employee management: Add your first employee or contractor whenever you’re ready. It’s free to manage employees in countries where you have your own entity.

  • Transparent pricing: Pay as you go for one flat price to manage and pay contractors and hire employees in countries where you don't have an entity. No surprises, just straightforward, transparent pricing.

Ready to simplify global HR management? Create your free Remote account now!

Benefits hub: now for contractors

Freelance contractors aren’t provided with benefits by their clients, including health care or pensions/retirement savings. This means they need to source their own benefits, which can be expensive and difficult to manage.

We want to help contractors navigate the world of benefits.

We’ve recently launched a partnership with Allianz International Health Insurance, recommended as a quality provider of health coverage in countries around the world.

From the Benefits Hub, contractors can find out more about Allianz, learn more about what’s covered, and use their exclusive discount code to save money.

Find out more in the help center.

Probation notifications for all employees

Probation periods help you evaluate new joiners and assess if they’re suited to their new role. Probation periods often have a simpler path to termination if an employee isn’t working out, with shorter notice periods.

To help you assess new starters and protect your business, you can now track probation periods for employees, whether direct employees or hired through Remote’s EOR entities. You’ll get two automated reminders: a month and a week before a probation expires, giving you plenty of time to assess and make any changes.

You can find out more here on the help center.

Employee contract details visibility

All employees - both hired through your own entities or Remote’s EOR entities - can now see their relevant contract details - and can self-serve questions about their employment contract at any point.

Your team can see details that include:

  • Job title

  • Job description

  • Contract start date

  • Contract duration

  • Probation period end date

  • Number of PTO days

  • And much more

Bulk sign contractor agreements

Many Remote customers are taking advantage of the flexibility that comes with working with contractors. It’s always important to make sure you’re working with freelancers in a compliant way to avoid misclassification penalties and fines — but working with many freelancers can cause a backlog of admin.

No longer, with Remote! As well as onboarding contractors in bulk, company admins can now select and sign multiple contractor agreements at once, saving valuable time and speeding up contractor onboarding.

Weekly contractor invoicing frequency

Most contractors invoice monthly or semi-monthly — but not all!

We’ve now added a weekly frequency to automatic invoicing in Remote, offering even more flexibility to support all arrangements.

Both contractors and employers can create invoices that can be automatically approved and paid. Find out more in the help center.

Itemized reports for invoices

We want to make the invoicing and accounting process as transparent and predictable as possible, so you understand exactly what you’re paying for.

You can now view and download more detailed breakdowns of both your pre-funding and reconciliation invoices with itemized reports.

These reports contain the salary and contribution breakdowns for each employee, and reconciliation invoices will include benefits, expenses, and Remote management fees.

Deactivate incomplete contractor onboarding

Sometimes, you’ll invite a contractor to sign a contract, but things change. You can now deactivate a contractor’s account whilst they’re in the onboarding process. They won’t be able to submit invoices, complete their onboarding, or sign any contracts.

What’s coming next?

Employment history for all employees

Want more insight into an employee’s journey with your business?

Coming soon, you will be able to make view and track all changes to employee details - including salary, title, job description, and more.

Create contractor agreements in bulk

To help companies invite and onboard multiple contractors at one time, we will soon allow customers to create more than one contractor agreement at a time, seamlessly applying localized contract templates based on contractor location - saving valuable admin time and creating a faster experience for everyone.

Smooth invoice notification emails

Employers have to process multiple invoices from Remote every billing cycle. To reduce operational overhead, we will start sending all invoices generated in one day in a single email, with all invoices attached.

Thanks for reading, and as always, please contact us with any questions.

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