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It’s official: The Remote API has launched! 

March 22, 2022
Job van der Voort


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After a successful beta launch of the Remote API in July 2021, we are excited today to announce the launch of the Remote API program. With the Remote API, our platform partners can now upgrade their product suites with the powerful global hiring capabilities of Remote, unlocking the potential of international employment for more businesses and individuals around the world.

What does the Remote API do?

With thousands of employees in countries all over the world, Remote has the experience and infrastructure necessary to make global employment more accessible: for ourselves, for our customers, and for our partners. Now, the Remote API enables our partners to white label Remote’s global employment solutions directly into their platform.

Here are just a few of the ways partners can leverage the Remote API:

  • White label Remote’s global employment solutions into your platform so your customers can sign up for employer of record services without switching between logins

  • Enable customers to hire employees, pay their teams, and file taxes without leaving your platform, saving time and eliminating manual data entry

  • Reduce PTO management headaches for customers with an integration that automatically syncs with an international compliance platform

Those examples are just the beginning. We recently published our latest guide, Building to the Remote API, to share just how easy it can be for your team to customize and embed the Remote API into your platform. The guide also includes the best API strategy to address your customers’ real-world problems so you can continue to drive long-term sales and customer satisfaction.

Looking for more? Check out all the API endpoints currently available here.

Who was the Remote API built for?

The Remote API is built for HR, payroll, and talent marketplace partners to embed Remote’s global employment services directly within their platforms so the companies they serve can effortlessly hire employees globally, pay their teams in local currencies, and remain compliant with local regulations.

Through a customizable integration, partners can support their customers’ workforce needs in multiple countries all from within a single platform, enabling them to scale more efficiently.

We’re proud to be launching with partners Sequoia Consulting, AngelList, and more to help provide a seamless, customizable integration for businesses hiring in global markets.

"We believe that remote work is the future," says AngelList Talent CEO Amit Matani. "Remote hiring helps startups build their teams faster by giving them access to the global pool of remote talent. The Remote API allows us to add one-click hiring to our end-to-end recruiting platform, giving us and our customers a competitive advantage.”

What's more, the Remote API can be tailored based on each partner's individual needs, from simple builds to enable the endpoints that customers will use most often, like easy signup for Remote’s employer of record services, to a fully embedded white labeled solution to manage the entire global employment lifecycle directly from the partner’s platform.

“At Sequoia, we know that tech innovations are critical for unifying, streamlining, automating, and elevating people functions,” said Sequoia Consulting CEO Greg Golub. “With the Remote API, the people-driven companies we work with will be able to simplify their benefits and compensation operations and focus on continuing to deliver what’s most impactful for their global teams.”

Start the journey now

Whether you’re looking to offer global hiring solutions to your customers or build a seamless process for your own team, the Remote API empowers you to consolidate and share global employee data across platforms with ease.

Partners can Request access here to speak with one of our team members and get login credentials to the Remote API developer documentation!

Update October 12th 2022: The Remote API is now available for all Remote Customers read all about it here!

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