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Remote Talent AI, career journal, Gusto Global in India, Vanta integrations: April 2024 product release notes

April 23, 2024
Job van der Voort


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One of the core principles we champion at Remote is intensity, which we reflected in our improved features this month.

We're using AI to generate accurate and unbiased job descriptions that stand out on Remote Talent. You can also use our improved role and permission settings to protect sensitive information.

With our new career journal, employees can privately document their accomplishments and milestones. Last but not least, employers and contractors have more flexibility in choosing currency and creating invoices.

We hope you all enjoy the updates.

Remote Talent AI job assistant

April 2024 product release notes - Remote talent AI job assistant

We’re excited to introduce AI powered job descriptions in Remote Talent. By analyzing your job descriptions, Remote AI will generate an improved copy that’s in line with local rules, eliminates bias, and enhances the overall structure to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates. It screens for discriminatory language, corrects spelling and grammatical errors, and optimizes for readability. With just one click, you can seamlessly accept revisions for a polished job posting.

Contractors: guaranteed payouts for scheduled invoices

Contractors: Guaranteed Payouts for Scheduled Invoices

Contractor Management now guarantees payouts for SWIFT-enabled payments, ensuring transparency in payments for both parties. You can quickly schedule and set up payments in your company’s billing currency or your contractor’s preferred currency. 

Learn more on our Help Center: Contractor invoicing currency and guaranteed payouts

Contractor invoices from tracked hours 

Contractors can conveniently generate invoices directly from timesheets, eliminating manual effort for every invoice request. 

Our platform calculates the total hours spent automatically, considering only regular and on-call hours across a chosen time range. In one click, contractors can sum up their tracked hours.

If there is a predefined hourly rate, it applies automatically to the invoice. If the employer hasn’t set an hourly rate, the contractor can add it from their end. It’s easy for employers to review, approve, and pay invoices. Learn more on our Help Center: How to create invoices from time tracking

Career Journals

April 2024 product release notes - Career Journals

Designed to empower employees for performance reviews and evaluations, we launched a career journal for your team members to track their achievements. 

Every employee can confidentially document their achievements, big or small, throughout their journey. It’s easy to record updates, feedback, and transform everyday experiences into valuable growth opportunities and meaningful impacts.

View the Help Center article, and check out our short guided demo to experience it for yourself.

New permissions and account management

New permissions and account management
April 2024 product release notes - user roles

Admins can protect their employee data with the new "Team - Restricted" permission level. Our updated permission feature helps keep your employee's personally identifiable information safe while giving admins more control over sensitive data.

Additionally, employers can effortlessly manage multiple employer profiles using a single email and password, eliminating the hassle of creating multiple unique logins – perfect if your company operates multiple subsidiaries.

Multi-receipt expense requests and new notifications

Multi-receipt expense requests and new notifications

Your team members can now attach multiple attachments to a single expense, perfect for instances when one expense item requires more than one receipt. Additionally, to streamline communication and minimize interruptions, we send daily summary emails to both employers and employees. This helps everyone stay informed without overwhelming inboxes.

Gusto Global, powered by Remote is now available in India

Gusto Global, powered by Remote can help U.S. companies hire talent in India. India is our second country supported by Gusto Global, with many more to come in 2024.

Gusto customers can leverage Remote’s global infrastructure and suite of services within the Gusto platform, thanks to the Remote API.

Plus, Gusto is working on opening the integration up to Remote customers in the near future, so stay tuned!

Streamline compliance with Vanta and Remote 

We’re delighted to welcome Vanta with their latest integration. With Vanta, businesses of all sizes can get insight on key global HR data to stay ahead of employee compliance. Make sure your employee data is secure and you're hiring international employees compliantly through Vanda's automatic compliance checks. Vanda helps streamline your compliance process and limits the risk of error, all in one place.

Setting up the integration only takes a few minutes. The best part? It’s free for Vanta and Remote customers.

Understand outstanding PTO paid out during offboarding

When you terminate an EOR employee, you'll know how many leaves need to be paid out. Our guided offboarding flow gives you a breakdown of an employee's used, available, and upcoming time off, so you stay on top of their PTO details.

Other Improvements

We made several additional improvements:

  • We updated our employee cost calculator for additional countries. You can estimate take-home salaries in the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Austria, and all states in Australia.

  • You can see your timesheet status in the time tracking table. Now you can know when the Payroll team process timesheet.

  • Contractors can use a previous invoice as a template for future invoices.

  • Contractors and employees can build source of wealth with any currency, even if it is different from the billing currency.

What's coming next

Here's what we're working on to make Global HR smoother:

  • Automatic notifications for contractor agreement compliance

  • Time tracking on the mobile app

  • Custom fields to tailor employee profiles

  • Detailed gross-to-net and payroll variance reports

Stay tuned for our next product update, and don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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