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Make global HR feel like local HR: Gusto Global, powered by Remote is here!

Written by Pim Altena
December 12, 2023
Pim Altena


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Remote work was the beginning. Distributed work is the present — and the future — for businesses looking to hire the best people. Today, Remote in partnership with Gusto has announced general availability of Gusto Global, powered by Remote: a new way for businesses to hire, pay, and manage global teams with confidence. 

Why Remote and Gusto joined forces

The numbers don’t lie. Global research shows that companies are not just investing in distributed workforces for short-term cost benefits, but also for long-term strategic advantages. Ambitious and innovative organizations prepared to hire abroad are finding sustainable operational benefits and significant cost savings.

Distributed teams, with both domestic and international employees, exhibit superior performance in terms of employee retention, productivity, engagement, and applicant quality compared to in-office teams.

Remote is the leader in helping companies hire globally. We have local, in-house experts on the ground in every country where we operate to help our customers and their teams navigate regulatory, payroll, benefits, and taxation challenges. 

Enter Gusto, the leader in U.S. payroll, HR, and benefits. With Gusto’s powerful platform, business owners and HR managers can automate manual tasks, and provide an exceptional experience for companies and their teams. Together, Remote and Gusto have brought Gusto Global powered by Remote to market, allowing US businesses to hire, pay, and manage employees locally and all around the world – quickly, compliantly, and in one platform. 

How does the partnership with Remote and Gusto work?

Gusto Global, powered by Remote, makes it easier than ever to manage the entire employment lifecycle for a global workforce, all in one place. 

Beginning with U.S. companies looking to hire talent in Canada, India and/or Philippines with additional countries coming soon, SMBs can now seamlessly access Remote’s global infrastructure and suite of services within the Gusto platform. In other words, you can use the power of Remote to effortlessly hire, manage, and pay international talent in the same place as you do for domestic U.S. employees, right within the Gusto platform. The integration will open up further to support existing Remote customers in 2024. 

Onboarding our first international hire was seamless through our Gusto interface. Everything was clear and we could see the total cost of employment, currency conversions and everything we needed to do to hire compliantly.

Colin Williams, Client Development and Operations, Abacus Hive

Together, Remote and Gusto simplify global expansion the right way, with expert guidance and localized support in each country

No outside vendors or unknown intermediaries — just two great companies built on a foundation of trust. 

Using Remote Embedded, Remote and Gusto’s comprehensive solution delivers unparalleled local compliance. Now, you can scale global teams with the confidence of exceptional customer service, a superior employee experience, and seamless product usability for everyone. 

Gusto Global, powered by Remote, is currently available in Canada, India and Philippines now. The product will be available in additional countries soon. Remote operates in 80+ countries around the world. Learn more about Gusto Global.

What can you do with Remote and Gusto combined?

From global payments to streamlined HR tools, see the power of this partnership and learn how it works in action:

Manage and pay your global team in one place

Through Gusto Global, powered by Remote, businesses using Gusto will be able to run payroll across multiple countries within the Gusto platform using Remote’s global infrastructure. Everything stays in one place, making it easier than ever to manage a global workforce.

Simplify your global growth journey

Gusto Global powered by Remote makes it easy to hire, pay, and manage your team -- no costly entity set up needed. Hire confidently leveraging the combined capabilities of Gusto and Remote and feel confident in the knowledge you are backed by a team of HR, legal, tax, and benefits experts around the world. 

Businesses using Gusto to hire internationally can now access a suite of features to provide support for international and local talent, including full-time and part-time employees, in a single system. Gusto Global powered by Remote features include:

  • Access to talent, anywhere: Easily hire elite talent from around the world, starting in Canada, India and the Philippines, without the hassle of setting up or paying for a local entity. Add employees in Canada, India and the Philippines directly from your Gusto account with a few clicks.

  • Built in compliance management: Our partnership with Remote means they can help you stay compliant with local employment laws, from onboarding to offboarding, saving you time and reducing your risk.

  • Localized benefits: Give your HR team a single platform to manage benefits and offer your employees the localized packages they need to thrive.

  • View all employees in one place: Easily hire, manage and pay both your U.S. and international employees in one place to simplify your HR processes end to end.

  • Integrated reporting: View both international and domestic employees in-app and in your Gusto reports, then filter your results for faster analysis and decision making.

  • Expense management: Reduce expenses overhead for employees and your HR team. Track employee reimbursement requests and approve them through Gusto Global, for accurate and timely payments.

  • Time off management: Simplify time off for you and your team. Employees can submit requests and admins can review and approve requests.

  • Org charts: Organize your team into departments and set up an easy-to-use org chart. It’s your one system of record. Employees also get access to learn about your company and get to know their team.

Minimize risk with built-in compliance 

Hiring across borders allows businesses to stay competitive in the global economy, but presents a slew of challenges, particularly for SMBs that do not have the time or resources to navigate the complexities of unique tax and labor laws in each country, manage multiple systems and manual processes, or stand up a local entity to hire international employees. Historically, only well-resourced multinational corporations have been equipped to take on these challenges and engage in global hiring, leaving smaller businesses by the wayside.

No one knows global compliance at the local level like Remote. Gusto customers can now access Remote's robust platform features leveraging the knowledge of its global network of HR, legal, tax, and employment experts Team members can move from one country to another, managers can onboard employees across any time zone, and everything happens in complete compliance with local regulations. If things get confusing, Remote’s on-the-ground local experts are always there to help.

Protect your intellectual property

International employment laws can be tricky, but international intellectual property laws can seem even more complex. Luckily, Gusto customers also get access to Remote IP Guard — the strongest protection in the industry for intellectual property and invention rights. Remote’s ironclad two-step process provides maximum security for your intellectual property, eliminating potential dangers of third-party IP exposure and safeguarding your company’s future.

What’s next for Remote and Gusto?

With the launch of Gusto Global, powered by Remote, U.S. based businesses using Gusto now have access to a comprehensive experience for managing global teams. But there’s so much more on the horizon.

Gusto customers will soon be able to access even more features, including:

  • More countries on the roadmap (we currently have Canada, India and the Philippines available but there are more being added in the future)

  • Additional Remote benefits, like retirement and health insurance

  • HR tools like goal tracking, employee pulse surveys, and performance management

  • International equity management and tax withholding

All of us at Remote and Gusto are excited to work together to build a more equitable, more compliant, and more sustainable future for global employment. We can’t wait to help you grow your distributed team together!

Learn more about what this partnership means and how you can get more information.

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