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Improved billing dashboards, time-off tracking, and employee feedback: March 2024 product release notes


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We are continuing our hard work in 2024 by making improvements and releasing features across all Remote products and solutions.  We spend a lot of time thinking about how we can make life simpler and better for our customers. This past month we’ve made improvements to workflows, dashboards, and data inputs.

We improved billing workflows through consolidated sidebars and a better, more flexible billing dashboard. We can’t wait for you to try it!

Time off, holidays, PTO – however you call your employees taking time to relax and refresh – matters. Our updates for time off help you visualize your team's schedules and keep track of their carry over PTO.

It’s now easier than ever for employees to provide anonymous feedback. We made it much easier for contractors to work with multiple clients too.

As always, we'd love to hear from you, so feel free to share your thoughts with us on social media, reach out to your Remote rep, or get in touch with the team.

Now for a closer look at our March updates.

Billing and service invoices together in one dashboard

Billing and Service invoices together in one dashboard

We consolidated service invoices and billing into a single billing dashboard. A more user-friendly interface ensures that all invoices, credits, and payments are easily accessible. Overdue invoices stand out with clear highlights and feedback messages. Payments due and credit widgets offer a snapshot of your financial status, while quick access filters allow effortless navigation through your billing information.

A better way to view team time off

A better way to view team time off

Managers now have a single dashboard showing time off schedules, with key insights on:

  • Specific days with high absence

  • Upcoming public holidays by country

  • Pending time off request

  • Team wellbeing showing who might need a break

Gather feedback from employees in Remote

Gather feedback from employees in Remote

Employees can now submit anonymous feedback so they feel valued and heard. This update also helps your employees feel more confident that their comments are taken seriously.

Admins can now engage with the employee about the feedback via threads. You can better understand employee comments and make meaningful change, while continuing to maintain the anonymity of the employee as necessary.

Simplified onboarding for contractors

Simplified Onboarding for Contractors March 2024

Contractors that work with multiple clients know that onboarding for each company can be a hassle. With our new update, a contractor only needs to complete one onboarding and we will pre-fill a contractor's onboarding data for subsequent companies. We also reduced the number of required fields to speed up the onboarding process.

Additional improvements

In addition to these developments, you can now:

  • Include carry over leave when migrating employees to HRIS to ensure time off balances are accurate

  • Approve pending expenses through the expense sidebar

  • Onboard employees in bulk through custom CSV files

  • Customize added smart fields for several countries including Hungary, Czechia, and Iceland

  • Enjoy improved country forms for several countries including Luxembourg, France, and Austria

  • Use our new offboarding dashboards

What’s coming next?

We’re working on more updates for the below features for you:

  • More currencies and invoicing frequency options for contractors

  • Generate contractor invoices directly from time tracking

  • BambooHR time off synchronization improvements

Stay tuned for our next product update for next month. As always, get in touch with us to share anything on your mind.

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