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Remote for Good recognized as a Fast Company World Changing Idea

Written by Peter Maher
May 6, 2022
Peter Maher


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Great news: our Remote for Good program has been recognized as one of Fast Company's World Changing Ideas!

Social impact is baked into our DNA, and our team is constantly searching for new solutions to provide the best experience possible for distributed teams. Remote for Good is a broad program that includes an offer for for-purpose organizations; a pro bono initiative to increase the recruitment of displaced talent; and our actions toward a greener Remote.

Remote for Good

The Remote for Good program delivers the full Remote experience at a budget-friendly price for social purpose organizations. Employ and pay up to 10 employees through Remote in any combination of countries where Remote operates at a reduced cost. We also have a special discount for those who want to employ international contractors. And let us share your cause with the world!

Who is eligible for the Remote for Good offer?

To qualify for the Remote for Good program, your company must be a registered nonprofit, charity, trust, social enterprise, or benefit corporation with a mission to make a positive difference for social benefit. For a social enterprise or benefit corporation, we look for the social impact to be funded wholly or partly by reinvestment of profits made by the organization to create social capital.

However, we know that not all social purpose organizations follow the same formula. If you don’t meet these requirements but would still like to take advantage of Remote’s global employment solutions, reach out to We would love to learn about your business and help you grow your team.

How can I apply for the Remote for Good program?

To apply for Remote for Good, simply visit our Social Purpose page and follow the enrollment process.

Remote for Refugees

With Remote for Refugees, businesses can employ full-time refugee employees at no cost from Remote. Nada. Our mission is to open the vast potential of every person, business, and country, building a world where we can all thrive. We believe dignified employment is a force multiplier, enabling displaced talent to rebuild their lives and contribute to the communities where they live. Remote for Refugees is our commitment to that mission.

Who is eligible for Remote for Refugees?

Any company that is hiring refugee talent who has the right to work or a work permit in their host country can enroll in the program. With our Remote Relocation program, if refugees qualify, we may be able to relocate them to another country.

How can I learn more about Remote for Refugees?

To learn more, visit Remote for Refugees to discover organizations that can help you recruit displaced talent. For example, you might check out the noteworthy Andela Refugee Coalition.

Remote Net Zero 🌲

We know the positive impact of remote work on the environment is significant and lasting, but we also recognize that there's still work to be done to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint as a company. To date, we have planted over 11,500 trees (equaling two tons of carbon reduction) in our Remote Forest with Ecologi. We are embarking on a journey to guarantee Remote is giving more back to the world's environment than it uses for the many years to come.

How can we make the world a healthier place?

We're always open to feedback and ideas on how Remote can participate in the improvement of our world and societies. Where else can we add value? Email with your thoughts. Only together will we create a healthier future for all.

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