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Gomada and Remote create a recipe for happiness

Written by Hallie Wiseman
November 22, 2022
Hallie Wiseman


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The handbooks and mission statements of modern companies are full of references to creating positive employee experiences and fostering strong, connected cultures. Usually though, these references are afterthoughts to the core business dealings of these companies, with work coming first and happiness second. Not at Gomada. 

Gomada is in the business of making employees happy with its innovative team building tools, feedback aggregation, and smart recommendation algorithms. Gomada’s culture of “quality, openness, team, and impact” is enshrined in its product, making Gomada a unique example of what it means to be a remote-first company.

That’s why Gomada needed a unique solution when it decided to expand its global headcount. Gomada needed an expansion partner who could not only handle international hiring and management needs, but who could also understand the positive impact the company wanted to make on society. Read below to learn why they chose Remote for this critical journey.

Gomada at a Glance

  • Headquarters: Fully remote

  • Founded: 2021

  • Company Size: 15 employees

  • Industry: Tech and team building

To understand the founding of Gomada, you first need to know about Veertly: the ingenious platform for interactive virtual and hybrid events. Veertly was created by co-founders Alexander Spahn and Joao Aguiam after a fateful meeting at a hackathon event in 2019. They wanted to empower people to connect and collaborate anywhere in the world with their platform. And they did. Over two years, they wrote a fantastic growth story with Veertly, achieving exactly what they set out to do. But they also noticed a common thread among other remote companies.

“We identified the problem of other remote and hybrid teams losing connections to each other,” Spahn said. This was interesting, because Spahn and Aguiam had built a strong culture and sense of belonging at Veertly using their own unique methods — methods that would inspire their new company called Gomada. Gomada would help remote teams to improve team connections, camaraderie, and happiness through a team building routine with little effort. It would engage remote teams and help others avoid losing talent to disconnection.

For remote and hybrid companies, Gomada became the missing link to keeping employees connected and engaged. As more and more companies caught onto the value and positive impact Gomada brought to their workforce, Gomada found that it needed to expand quickly while also maintaining its four internal values. And as a relatively new company, the founders couldn’t pour resources (and tons of money) into opening new entities in each country they wanted to hire. It was time for an expansion partner who could take on their global HR.

Versed in employee happiness, but not international labor laws

Gomada needed unique talent who could not only understand their happiness-focused product, but also fit into their happiness-focused culture. Additionally, they wanted candidates from across the globe. But how could they hire in other countries without legal entities in those countries?

Spahn looked to his peers at other startups for a solution and learned about Remote. Spahn found that what Gomada was to the world of employee happiness, Remote was to the world of international HR. And in addition to handling onboarding, payroll, taxes, and benefits, Remote had country-specific legal experts who were up to date with the latest local labor laws.

Being fast and being focused is very important at an early stage startup. Remote helped us to not get distracted with administrative and legal work to hire new employees and enabled us to attract the best talent without being limited to a certain location.

That speed and focus also came into play when Gomada weighed the best countries from which to hire. Remote’s Country Explorer tool helped it quickly look at relevant country hiring information because the tool was designed for companies where time is a precious resource. 

“We loved the Country Explorer when we compared it with other providers. Giving this overview of the key facts such as minimum wage and other country specifics in an easily consumable fashion is super useful.” 

  • Remote offers a robust Country Explorer search tool to help companies plan their expansion.

  • Remote offers a flat pricing structure and no hidden fees when hiring new employees.

  • Remote’s employment and compliance experts on the ground around the world give Gomada the peace of mind to hire talent globally.

Remote syncs with Gomada, right from onboarding

It’s part of Gomada’s DNA to build strong relationships with employees and connect employees with one another. Strong relationships lead ultimately to the all-important happiness at the core of what Gomada does, and it all starts with the onboarding process. 

“In a remote-first set-up mutual trust between us and our employees is extremely important. As part of the onboarding journey, each new team member receives a package with some merchandise, their company hardware and some personal videos from our team sharing our four core values.”

Remote’s easy-to-use EOR platform and self-onboarding ensures that the trust in this journey is maintained and new hires feel connected throughout the process. And if employees have questions or concerns during onboarding, they’re answered promptly by Remote, according to Gomada.

The whole experience was very solid, and we got very fast responses whenever we had any questions. We have also heard positive feedback from our employees.

This attention to the employee journey extends throughout the HR experience, ensuring that Remote supports Gomada in fortifying trust with its employees so that they can do the same with customers.

Shared values make Remote and Gomada strong partners

Gomada has used Remote’s hiring guides, intuitive HR platform, and country-specific experts to source talent from all over. But more than that, Gomada has counted on Remote’s speed of service and transparency as an extension of their own internal HR.

“Being transparent and trusting our employees enables them to be creative, grow their personal and professional skills while delivering a value that has an impact on our society: Making people happy.”

By partnering with Remote, Gomada can enjoy the benefits of international hiring while providing an HR experience that reduces employee turnover and increases productivity — something Gomada facilitates day after day with its own product.

Our mission is to make every employee a happy employee. Most people spend a big chunk of their lives at work. What a huge waste if these people are not able to enjoy their work!"

To learn more about Gomada and what they do to elevate employee connection at other companies, explore their product offerings.

Do you want to enjoy stress-free international hiring like Gomada? Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of Remote’s global hiring experts. If you’re ready to get started, you can set up your profile now and begin onboarding employees and contractors around the world in minutes.

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