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Optymyze simplifies its global hiring with a compliant, time-saving approach

Written by Marie Nayaka
June 6, 2023
Marie Nayaka


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Around the world, companies face increased competition, changes in buying behaviors, and mounting pressure to maximize revenues and reduce cost. And to succeed in this environment, you need the right combination of business processes, technologies, and knowledgeable people who can drive sales performance.

Optymyze — a sales performance management (SPM) platform — was designed with this in mind. It allows businesses to easily and reliably automate any SPM challenge with unlimited scalability — and all without having to write any code. This empowers companies to make their sales operations more efficient, their sales forces and channels more effective, and their bottom lines more attractive.

But to deliver such innovative solutions, Optymyze had to think outside the box and recruit globally. To do this, they needed a trusted partner.

Here’s why Optymyze chose Remote to onboard, manage, and pay its remote team.

Optymyze at a glance

  • Headquarters: Fully remote

  • Founded: 2013

  • Number of employees and contractors with Remote: 65

  • Industry: Technology 

Most businesses would love to automate more, given the efficiencies and resources it unlocks. But hiring developers to write code can often be financially impractical. This is why Alexandru Sandu, EVP and Chief of Staff at Optymyze, gets so excited by his company’s capabilities.

“I’m proud of how our technology has been used in the SPM space,” he says. “We have seen it at play in countless sales compensation management solutions, at every scale. For us, it’s confirmation of the value we can deliver, and the amazing things we can achieve.”

To enable such strong solutions to its customers, Optymyze relies on a talented international workforce, particularly in Romania and India. But Sandu realized that operating in these countries created a heavy operational burden, which was diverting key resources from the strategic focus of the organization.

“We constantly needed to be on top of legislative changes, implement them, and ensure both us and our vendors remained compliant,” Sandu says. “These were big pain points for us.”

Fast track to success

Optymyze needed a global employment partner that could take the operational burden off its shoulder — while keeping pace with its lightning-fast way of operating.

“We like to see results fast, both internally and in our customer engagements,” Sandu says. “We move quickly in everything we do, from deploying our sales compensation management solutions, to meeting the needs of our workforce.” 

When it came to selecting an employer of record (EOR) provider, this emphasis on speed was key. With such a big change in store for Optymyze’s workforce, a bumpy transition wouldn’t be acceptable. 

After evaluating other EOR providers, Optymyze chose Remote to compliantly onboard their workers in Romania and India. To Sandu’s surprise, the process was fast — even by Optymyze’s standards.

“We aligned best with Remote,” he says. “The support we were given and the fast turnaround; in just a few weeks, our entire Romanian workforce was all set up and ready to go.”

  • Remote offers a flat pricing structure and no hidden fees when hiring new employees

  • Remote’s seamless, self-serve platform allows employers to quickly onboard and manage contractors and employees

  • Remote’s local, on-the-ground employment and compliance experts give Optymyze the confidence to manage contractor talent globally

Lower costs + a fast turnaround = happy customers

When teams are happy, this is inevitably reflected in both the quality of the product and interactions with customers. And Optymyze’s partnership with Remote has given workers, stakeholders, and customers several reasons to smile.

Optymyze was able to reduce overhead by redirecting resources from location-based operational teams and in-house employment processes. By leveraging Remote’s own local, country-specific experts, Optymyze was able to focus more on its core products and services. It also created a faster turnaround when it came to employee onboarding.

“Remote allowed our teams to focus solely on finding the right candidates with the skills we needed, rather than the operational aspects of the process,” Sandu says.

All of this added up to a best-in-class experience. Without the headaches and disruptions of managing and onboarding global talent, Optymyze could focus on doing what it does best: creating value and providing first-rate support for its clients.

A supercharged, remote-first growth outlook

For years, Optymyze could only dream of hiring employees and contractors from across in the world. The complexities of forming new companies, opening new bank accounts, jumping through regulatory hoops, and learning the ins and outs of local bureaucracies was too much for a company focused on making their product the best in the market. 

Now, with Remote’s support, Optymyze can develop its recruitment strategy without being restricted by location. Its pool of candidates is now an ocean, and the possibilities are almost infinite. 

Sandu is delighted. “We can now achieve the positive impact we’re looking for internally, with our customers, and in the sales compensation management space.”

The future for Optymyze

Despite strong macroeconomic headwinds, Optymyze is looking to expand its employee base further. With the strategic hiring abilities Remote’s support provides, the company can focus on critical roles and continue to onboard the skilled talent it needs.

Optymyze intends to use the energy it saves on hiring and compliance to deepen its customer relationships and solidify its brand loyalty. And if the innovative nature of its products is any indicator, Optymyze will have one of the highest brand loyalties in the space.

Remote will be there throughout the journey, ensuring Optymyze can take care of its people — no matter where they call home.

Want to take the stress and ambiguity out of your international hiring? Contact us today to schedule a friendly consultation with one of our global hiring experts.

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