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Remote’s President’s Club trip to Iceland: The Summit

Written by Miranda Newboult
November 7, 2023
Miranda Newboult


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When you think of a typical President’s Club, what comes to mind?

Nine times out of ten it’ll be a swanky resort, somewhere hot, with on-tap cocktails and palm trees. Nice. If you get to go. It’s kind of hard to remember if you’ve been to a few of these events (well, you are a top performer). After a while, they all blur into one. The group photo: check. The access to sales leaders: check. Networking with your colleagues: check.

When Remote held our first President’s Club in October 2023, we decided to do something a bit different. Well, we are Remote – we do a whole load of things differently. What if we had a real adventure and traded the pool for a thermal lagoon? The bar for a zip-line?

We wanted to break the mold and do something that our top performers would remember forever. As we all work 100% remotely, we wanted to make the most of being able to spend time together and strengthen our bond as a team. We wanted to do something different that felt right for the kind of company we are — a disruptive tech start-up carving out its own space in global talent.

So we said goodbye to the traditional President’s Club experience and carved a new tradition that works for us and the kind of people we are. We headed off to the Land of Fire and Ice — Iceland. We spent four days and three nights in the most geologically bonkers place on earth.

We started strong in Reykjavík, heading out to the Sky Lagoon, where most of us met for the first time in the water! It was a bold move, but the unique setting, the mineral-rich waters, and the stunning backdrop soon meant everyone let go of their inhibitions and gave themselves up to the wonder of the experience. It’s tough to be cool and blasé when you are immersed in beautiful warm thermal water that pools in natural rock against a backdrop of the ocean just as the sun is setting…

The next two days were filled with bucket list experiences. 

We rode out across the wilderness in super jeeps and then took to the glaciers and ice fields on snow-mobiles. We ventured across rugged terrain on ATVs, the only way to get to see some of this amazing country. We hiked by waterfalls and rapids and then flew above them on high-speed zip wires. Naturally, the adrenaline junkies loved it. And so did the members of the group, who were a little more cautious. Caught up in the moment, and the feeling that anything was possible, they embraced the challenge and flew down that wire. With the whole team right behind them.

”The experience was amazing! It will remain with us as one of the most beautiful memories at Remote. Impressive to see the Senior Leadership team being super close to all of us. Thank you Remote, for this magical trip.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be President’s Club without good food, drinks, speeches, and quality time together — and all this happened as well. On Monday morning, everyone parted as friends as well as colleagues, and with a burning desire to win a place on the next trip.

We are Remote. We do things differently. And, that’s why we call our President’s Club “The Summit” for a very good reason. Come, and join us at the top.

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