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Remote Talent helps businesses find and recruit global team members

Written by Gillian O'Brien
November 15, 2023
Gillian O'Brien


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Since 2019, Remote has helped tens of thousands of companies hire the very best international talent. Remote customers have onboarded marketers in Milan, sales reps in Singapore, engineers in Ecuador, and everyone in between to build high-performing teams that span the globe, all while remaining compliant with local labor laws.

But hiring is just one part of the puzzle. Before you hire someone, you need to find them. So, where do you find the best people to fill your open roles?

The answer is here: Remote Talent.

Hire, manage and recruit global team members in one place with Remote

With the launch of Remote Talent, we are proud to bring recruitment to our suite of global HRIS offerings.

When you need the best person for the job, that person might not live in the same city. In fact, if you want the very best fit for the role, that person might not even live in the same country. 

Remote has always allowed you to onboard global hires and manage things like payroll, benefits, and local compliance. Now, with Remote Talent, you can use Remote to find and recruit those hires too — all on one platform.

Modern global teams need more than just another job board

With remote work, any business can hire from anywhere. But job boards and talent platforms aren’t designed for modern businesses with global reach. Hiring managers want to be seen by and connect with better candidates for open roles, but most job boards fall short of that goal, flooding inboxes with misaligned candidates and poor fits — and sometimes attracting no candidates at all. 

Many job platforms invite employers to post roles for free, creating a massive bulletin board with tons of information and no strategy. Want the right person to apply? You had better hope they see your post on LinkedIn or that you have the budget to advertise the role more broadly. Otherwise, you’re left to the whims of a social media algorithm, and that algorithm definitely doesn’t care whether you find the person you need.

Free listings may sound employer-friendly, but in reality, sites like LinkedIn and Indeed advertise tens of millions of jobs at a time. That means two things: 

  1. Your listing sits in an ocean of spam, so candidates either can’t find you or think you’re spam, too.

  2. You have to pay these sites to promote your listing if you want a real shot at finding quality candidates.

Candidates want jobs, so they apply to dozens of promoted roles to maximize their odds. Easy-apply features help them send out more applications, causing even good candidates to contribute to the noise.

Frustratingly — yet unsurprisingly — this leads employers to fall back to networking and warm intros. Those tactics were limited even in the days of in-office work, but now that companies can hire remotely? Good luck getting a warm intro to the perfect developer who lives in Brazil or the experienced salesperson from South Africa. 

Most job boards don’t even allow for multi-geography job postings. Many don’t let hiring managers customize how “remote” a job actually is.

It’s time for something better.

How Remote Talent does things differently 

Remote Talent changes how businesses find and recruit global candidates. This new talent platform, hosted at, breaks the mold of a traditional job board and gives companies with global teams the tools they actually need to find great people.

While other job boards seek profit by selling impressions and promoted listings, Remote Talent is designed with one goal: connect businesses to the people they’re looking for, no matter where those people might be.

Today, this looks like a remote-first job board that allows employers to communicate exactly what “remote” means to them. Will a particular opportunity be open to allow candidates to work from home, with no restrictions on location? Does a listing need to specify a particular region or time zone? Is this a hybrid job with some office time required? Do successful candidates need to relocate or travel often?

These distinctions are the first step in de-clogging the pipeline of remote job listings. With these common-sense features in place, businesses can more easily see appropriate candidates, saving hiring managers and recruiters time and leading, ultimately, to faster, better hires.

We’re here for the jobseekers, too. Additional information candidates look for, like salary information and interview timelines, can be included on Remote Talent listings to make the process more transparent for all involved — and of course, always compliant with local requirements, backed by Remote’s world-class team of experts.

Why use Remote Talent to find your next hire?

Just a few of the reasons to use Remote Talent to grow your team:

Application to onboarding in one platform

Think of Remote not only as your source for top talent, but also where you can hire and onboard that talent with constant compliance.

Find top talent from almost anywhere in the world, then hire and pay them with Remote Employer of Record, Contractor Management, and Global Payroll. Remote is your partner in the end-to-end hiring process: from writing the job description to running payroll and beyond.

International reach and experience

Remote knows global. Every day, thousands upon thousands of employees, contractors, and jobseekers engage with Remote. We are the top destination for all things global work, and we are proud to use that global footprint to help businesses everywhere grow and manage their own distributed teams.

Unmatched global knowledge

Hiring one person is complicated enough. Hiring lots of people in multiple countries is more than complicated. Remote simplifies and guides you through the process with our collection of tools, on-hand expertise, and integrated compliance. On Remote, you can hire, onboard, and manage employees in multiple locations easily, quickly, and in full compliance with local laws in every location.

Up your global hiring knowledge with these practical international HR resources:

The future of Remote Talent

Remote is dedicated to our mission to make distributed work accessible for everyone. Our plans for the future of Remote Talent include a host of special features our customers will love, including AI talent matching, smart recommendations, features for jobseekers, dynamic employer profiles, and more.

Looking for a specific feature or curious about what comes next? Share your feedback, requests, and more on social media or by emailing Our team is always here to listen!

Get started with Remote Talent today 

Ready to experience Remote Talent for yourself? If you are an employer looking for the world’s first talent platform specially designed to meet the needs of modern remote companies, we are eager to help you get started.

Whether you are already a Remote customer or new to the world of Remote, our powerful platform is ready to help with all your global talent needs — and if you need help, our dedicated support team is always ready to assist.

To create your profile and post your first listing, visit to sign up. Right now, we’re offering a special 90% off deal to celebrate our launch — just $11.90! Sign up today to get your job listings in front of the world’s best remote talent and see for yourself what a platform designed for your global team can do.

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