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Remote’s position on the war in Ukraine

Written by Marcelo Lebre
March 11, 2022
Marcelo Lebre


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Our belief in a better tomorrow, rooted in the desire to build a kinder world for our children, friends, and neighbors, led us to build Remote. We wanted to bring more opportunities to people looking for great places to work and enrich organizations with the gift of diversity and distributed talent.

Conflicts do not arise from nothing. They brew over time until something causes them to boil over. The current situation in Ukraine is no exception. Before violence began to escalate, we started working with all people employed through Remote in the area, along with the businesses managing their employment, to ensure everyone was supported for what would eventually become a war scenario.

Remote's position and actions so far

Remote stands with Ukraine and condemns the actions of the Russian government in this senseless war.

Right now, our priority is helping displaced Ukrainian workers and their families whose lives have been turned upside down. Through the Remote for Refugees program and our special joint task force with the government of Portugal, we are supporting thousands of people and their families by simplifying the process by which Ukrainian employees can relocate.

Remote has no legal entity in Russia, and we’ve halted the onboarding of any Russian companies to our platform. We are actively helping companies that are shutting down operations in Russia and relocating their employees to other countries. We are also providing free assistance and resources to vulnerable independent contractors in Russia trying to support their families and relocate overseas if they can.

We are committed to making the world a safer and more peaceful place for all of us. Through our rigorous compliance and enhanced due diligence checks, we ensure all Remote customers, employees, and contractors globally are screened against lists of sanctioned people and companies. We also have a global policy of not working with any companies involved in the development of military or dual-use technology.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will work with government and peace-loving partners around the world to support workers of all nationalities affected by the conflict.

Does Remote serve customers in Russia?

No. Remote does not have any active customers in Russia and is not accepting new customers from Russia. While we recognize the difference between the actions of Russia’s government and the will of its people — many of whom have bravely protested against this war — we believe ceasing operations in Russia is the correct course of action at this time.

What Remote is doing to help

Because Remote owns our own entities in Ukraine and in several surrounding countries, we were well positioned to help people not subject to enforced conscription to relocate. Remote's mobility team has been working tirelessly for weeks to help people apply for the necessary documentation to relocate and continue to be employed through us in many different countries. Thanks to our great team, many people displaced by war have not had to worry about their ability to relocate quickly — and they can remain legally employed once they have arrived in a new country safely.

We have also put in place specific communication and support channels for people in crisis, including advice around loss of internet access and alternative payment arrangements to ensure access to funds did not become a barrier to safety.

Remote is continuing to work with people and businesses in Ukraine and surrounding countries to bring more people to safety and ensure they have the legal support they need to relocate legally, quickly, and safely.

Our commitment to everyone affected by war

This war has had devastating effects on the people of Ukraine, but they are not alone. Those who had left previously, as well as people in other involved countries who do not condone this war, have suffered and continue to suffer.

We have made the future of work our mission: a future that is more flexible, more inclusive, and more empowering. As part of that commitment, we are working directly with governments, nonprofit organizations, and individuals to rally a support network that allows people to land in safety and, eventually, rebuild their lives.

We continue to build upon what we're doing to support everyone impacted by the war, and our proactive and ongoing support will continue as long as there are people we can help.

If you have been impacted by this war and believe Remote may be able to help you, or if you operate a company or nonprofit and believe you may be able to help, please reach out to us and let us know.

War stands for nothing, but we stand against it. Remote stands with Ukraine.

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