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[Webinar Recording] Supporting and connecting globally distributed teams

February 16, 2022
Preston Wickersham


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Becoming a powerful, globally distributed team requires much more than simply letting employees work from anywhere. To be successful, you also need a corporate strategy for support, connection, and communication on a global scale.

In this one-hour webinar, complete with a Q&A at the end, three of Remote’s remote work experts will lay out advice, tips, and must-dos to set up a foundation for distributed teams that prioritizes trust, transparency, and collaboration. With that, you can build your connected global team — no virtual trust falls needed.

Watch the webinar now!

Watch Remote’s own Nadia Vatalidis, VP of people; Keah Nguyen, senior people specialist; and Amanda Day, director of people enablement, give their expert advice on building a strong remote work culture. From onboarding to psychological safety to diversity and inclusion, you’ll learn what it takes to build a successful and connected team.

Watch the recorded webinar now!

How can you support your globally distributed team?

As you work on creating the best environment for your globally distributed team, here are three main areas to focus on.

Async work

Whether you switch to fully async or incorporate elements of asynchronous work, this method of working lets people work in a way that works for them, as long as it comes with a culture of documentation.

Change the approach for hybrid workplaces

Think about what the experience is like for those in the office and working from home. Do certain employees need to put in extra hours to be available? (That’s not good, but there is a better way!) Are meetings accessible for everyone, anywhere?

Prioritize trust and transparency

Focus on output, rather than input, and emphasize trust above all else, starting with leadership. Be transparent about benefits and compensation around the world.

More questions about supporting your global team?

Maybe you have a few remote workers, or perhaps you’ve moved your whole team to the global model. Whatever the case, we can help with supporting your distributed team and building strong international connections.

Get in touch and let’s talk about global team management. Ready to get started right away? Sign up for free and begin onboarding international employees and contractors in seconds.

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