Darren Murph, Laurel Farrer, and Job van der Voort share their expertise on building a remote-first business

Remote & Async Work 2 min

[Webinar Recording] Does your company need a head of remote?


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Your remote workforce needs an advocate, and a head of remote role could be the answer.

But who should own that role? What responsibilities will that person have? How will you measure success?

To answer these questions, we put together an all-star cast of remote work leaders: Job van der Voort, CEO of Remote; Laurel Farrer, CEO of Distribute Consulting; and Darren Murph, head of remote at GitLab.

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What is covered in the webinar?

In this exclusive webinar, our trio of remote experts share their insights on the head of remote role, which organizations need one, and how a head of remote should operate. Watch now to learn:

What is a head of remote?

  • Who should be the advocate for your remote workers?

  • Is this a function of HR, operations, marketing, or something else?

  • Should this role focus more internally on the employee experience or externally on attracting talent?

What does a head of remote do?

  • How can you create an asynchronous, remote-first team, no matter where people work?

  • How does the head of remote role promote diversity and inclusion?

  • To whom does the head of remote report?

When does your company need a head of remote?

  • Where in the world do your employees work?

  • What percentage of your company is remote?

  • What challenges are your remote employees experiencing?

How do you measure success as a head of remote?

  • How well does your company recruit and retain talent?

  • Are your managers equipped and trained to lead remote teams?

  • Is your company receiving press for your remote leadership?

This recording also includes a Q&A session, with real questions from business leaders on the importance, structure, and duties of the head of remote.

Click here to watch now! For more information, you can also download the Head of Remote Whitepaper from Remote and Distribute Consulting.

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