IP and data protection webinar

Data Security & IP 2 min

[Webinar Recording] IP protection and data security for distributed teams


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Are you prepared to protect your valuable intellectual property and sensitive data when you employ workers in multiple countries?

If you have questions about IP and data protection abroad, we are here to help. In this in-depth webinar, three of Remote’s top global employment experts come together to share their tips and strategies on how to keep your company protected.

Watch the recorded webinar now!

Why worry about international IP protection and data security?

Protections for IP and data are not automatic. Not only do you need to keep your valuable information safe, but you must continue to do so to avoid potential losses.

Remote understands international intellectual property rights better than anyone else. That’s why we developed Remote IP Guard: the safest, most effective way to ensure you retain maximum ownership of your intellectual property when you have workers in other countries. With Remote, you never have to worry about third parties or unnecessary exposure to risk. Our intellectual property transfer process is the smartest and safest way to stay safe as you grow.

In addition to our IP protections, Remote also offers the strongest data protection for companies hiring abroad. We are industry leaders in data protection and hold a number of rigorous certifications that showcase our commitment to good data practices. See for yourself how Remote sets the standard in data security.

Watch the recorded webinar now!

Don’t wait! If you have questions about IP protection and data security, this webinar has the answers you need.

Watch the recorded webinar now!

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