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Work permits and visas in Egypt: an employer’s guide

Written by Sally Flaxman
January 22, 2024
Sally Flaxman


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If you’re hiring an employee in Egypt or relocating an existing employee, you’ll have to be careful to follow all the labor laws of that country. As each country has its regulations regarding taxes, payroll, benefits, and more, addressing them can be challenging. 

As an employer, you must ensure team members have the proper work permit and visa to work in Egypt, and you must also comply with immigration laws, tax legislation, and employment regulations. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines and penalties. 

This article will walk you through everything you need to know about Egypt's work visa requirements and work permits, especially if you are:

  • Hiring a candidate in Egypt without an owned entity

  • Hiring a non-citizen of Egypt 

  • Relocating an existing employee to Egypt 

  • Allowing a digital nomad to work in Egypt 

The importance of immigration compliance in Egypt

Many companies worldwide have allowed their employees to work remotely, and many are following suit. As a result, many members of the global workforce have chosen to take advantage of their remote status to see the world. However, most remote workers and digital nomads enter other countries using tourist visas, yet working on this permit type is usually illegal.

That's why many countries are introducing digital nomad visas and programs to help remote workers relocate compliantly while working for foreign companies. Unfortunately, Egypt does not offer such a program, and remote workers must secure other permits to work there legally. Otherwise, both employees and employers may face significant penalties.

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Which workers need a right-to-work check in Egypt?

Anyone moving to Egypt to work will need a work visa and permit. This includes digital nomads, contractors, or remote employees employed at a company based outside of Egypt, considering the country has no special work permit for these workers. 

Foreigners who fit into certain categories are exempt from obtaining a work permit. 

What are the eligibility requirements for a work visa in Egypt?

The specific requirements for a work visa will depend on what country the employee is coming from. The application process for a work visa is part of the application process for a work permit, and as a result, you will need the following documents, including:

  • A completed work permit application

  • A valid passport of the employee

  • Passport photos of the employee

  • The employee’s academic degrees, certificates, and professional license, if needed

  • The employee’s tax ID

  • The company’s incorporation contract

  • Justification from the company as to why they chose to hire the foreign employee

  • Proof that the company’s representative is applying for the work permit on behalf of the employee

  • A negative HIV test from the employee

What are the long-stay visa types in Egypt?

Residents who want to live and work in Egypt for more than 90 days must have a residence visa and a work visa. Egypt work permits are valid for up to a year, and the employee can renew them for an additional three years. If the employee wants to stay longer than that, they will need to speak to an immigration office.

The country also offers residence visas, which last for five years and are renewable. Once someone has been living in Egypt continuously for ten years, they can apply for citizenship. 

How do you get a work visa for Egypt?

Once an employee fulfills all requirements and submits all the paperwork listed in detail above, they need to wait for the Egyptian Labor Authorities to grant the request for a work permit. After the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration authorizes the employee's nearest embassy or consulate to issue a tourist visa, the employee can go to the embassy and collect it.

This visa allows employees to enter the country, finish applying for a work permit, and take an HIV test. Before the permit can be approved, the employer must also prove that no Egyptian residents were qualified enough for the position, hence the need to hire from abroad.

While waiting for the work permit, the employee can work, so long as they have submitted all the necessary documents. 

What is the process for employee work visa sponsorship in Egypt?

Employers who want to sponsor their employees' Egypt work visas must submit all the paperwork for the work permit and the work visa listed above. Also, they must prove to the Egyptian government that they were unable to find local talent for the position and had no choice but to hire from outside the country. 

What are the visa requirements for digital nomads in Egypt?

Egypt has no digital nomad or freelance visas or programs at present. Therefore, most foreigners coming to the country to work there will need an Egypt work visa. 

How Remote makes compliance in Egypt so much easier

There are several challenges that companies have to deal with while hiring or relocating employees abroad. Each country has its labor laws and requirements regarding remote work, and meeting all of them can be time-consuming, demanding, and potentially costly. The same applies to Egypt. 

Whether you plan to hire an international employee or relocate a team member, a trusted EOR like Remote can help. From onboarding, global payroll, and statutory benefits to handling international taxation, immigration issues, and compliance — we provide expert guidance to ensure you stay compliant with any local labor and tax laws.

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