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Announcing our long-term commitment to social purpose organizations

Written by Peter Maher
June 2, 2021
Peter Maher


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At Remote, we have a big heart for social impact. As part of our continuing commitment to organizations positively impacting their communities and the planet, we are pleased to announce Remote for Good: a new, long-term offer to help nonprofits, charities, social enterprises, and benefit corporations employ and pay their global teams.

Supporting social purpose organizations matters to Remote

Remote began with a mission to distribute work opportunities to people located all over the world. We recognize that talented individuals can live anywhere. Even if those people do not live in major cities, they deserve the same access to meaningful employment and fair wages as everyone else.

Social impact is baked into our DNA, and our team is constantly searching for new solutions to provide the best experience possible for distributed teams. It shouldn’t matter whether someone is based in Amsterdam, Bogotá, or Chennai. Anyone looking to contribute to a greater mission should have the opportunity and ability to do so.

We are committed to making global employment accessible to all organizations, big or small, for-profit and not-for-profit, in every country. This mission aligns closely with U.N. Sustainability Goals 8 and 11. For us, social purpose alignment is not a means to an end, but a manifestation of our dedication to the common good.

Social purpose organizations must efficiently allocate funds to achieve their goals. To help in that goal, Remote for Good is designed to help global teams expand on tight budgets. We are excited to begin helping more impact-focused organizations succeed by opening the door to an international pool of top talent.

What does Remote for Good include?

In short: everything. Companies in the Remote for Good program receive full access to Remote’s entire suite of global employment services, including:

  • Global payroll and benefits management through our in-country entities

  • Compliance services for your international employees

  • Remote’s best-in-class employment software

  • Contractor payments to 173 countries

  • The strongest intellectual property protections in the industry

Remote for Good delivers the full Remote experience at a budget-friendly price. Employ and pay up to 10 full-time employees through Remote in any combination of countries where Remote operates for a discounted rate. We also have a special discount for those who want to employ international contractors.

Who is eligible for Remote for Good?

To qualify for the Remote for Good program, your company must be a registered nonprofit, charity, trust, social enterprise, or benefit corporation with a mission to make a positive difference for social benefit. For a social enterprise or benefit corporation, we will look for the social impact to be funded wholly or partly by reinvestment of profits made by the organization to create social capital.

However, we know that not all social purpose organizations follow the same formula. If you don’t meet these requirements but would still like to take advantage of Remote’s global employment solutions, reach out to We would love to learn about your business and help you grow your team.

How much do you save with Remote for Good?

Your qualified social purpose organization receives a 25% discount on up to 10 full-time employees and a 30% discount when onboarding international contractors in the first 12 months.

Not ready to commit to a full year? Don’t worry: Remote for Good applies both to our monthly and annual pricing models. No commitments, no hidden fees, and no surprises.

Is Remote for Good limited by location?

Absolutely not. We are a global company helping other businesses scale their global teams, and we are happy to work with you no matter where you call home. See our Country Explorer to learn more about where we operate and where we’re going next. No matter where your organization is based, Remote can help you employ and pay workers in any of our covered countries.

How can I apply for the program?

To apply for Remote for Good, simply visit and follow the enroll signup process.

Does Remote offer any other discounts?

Yes! We offer bulk discounts for larger and high-growth social purpose organizations looking to hire at least 75 employees. Please contact to learn more about bulk discounts.

Where can I learn more about Remote?

You can learn more about Remote on our blog.

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We're here to help you scale your impact worldwide. Let us handle your day-to-day HR operations so you can focus on your mission. We look forward to helping you make the world a better place for all.

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